Mike Huckabee Profiting from 9/11 with Cartoon Videos for Kids?



Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is promoting a line of videos for kids that some people say is nothing but profiteering off the 9/11 tragedy.

The New York Daily News reports that Huckabee has produced a series of videos called “Learn Our History,” which includes animated versions of historic moments. His latest one is about 9/11.

The DVD sells for $19.95. Its website writes:

Parents, your kids need to see the Learn our History DVD, 9/11 and the War on Terror,” the ad reads. “They’ll join the TimeCycle Academy as they go back in time to explore the tragic events of 9/11, and how Americans came together like never before as we prepared to fight the War on Terror. This special introductory episode teaches your kid valuable concepts including helping others, being heroic, protecting Americans, and standing up to evil!!

“They’re very watchable for kids, it’s designed for kids,” Huckabee said on the 700 Club. “I think adults could learn something from them, but we make it very clear it’s for 7-year-olds.”

But appearing on MSNBC, Jim Riches, a retired FDNY fire chief who lost his firefighter son on 9/11, said he is disgusted by Huckabee.

“I think he has no shame at it. It’s like blood money,” he said.

Watch the interview, including clips from the video:

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