Michael Bloomberg Accused of Illegal Gun Trafficking


NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being accused of committing thousands of gun-related felonies.

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He’s already proven he’s too special to abide by election laws and NY’s term limits. He’s also skirted the law by using his fortune to influence the outcomes of elections across the country. Now, Bloomberg is accused of paying straw purchasers to buy thousands of guns for him using his money – something that is highly illegal.
Bloomberg above the law
The definition of ‘oligarch’ according to Google is, ‘A very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence.’ And the definition of ‘oligarchy’ is, ‘A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. A state governed by such a group.’
For a man who’s so extreme when it comes to dictating the lives of Americans, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg just can’t seem to obey the law. The most well-known example is Bloomberg’s strong-arming of the New York City Council to change the term limit law of the nation’s largest city so that he could be Mayor as long as he wished – something not afforded to any other New Yorker until then.
Bloomberg’s self-named corporation also ran afoul of the law recently when it admitted that Bloomberg’s employees had been spying on not only Wall Street corporations, but the Federal Reserve as well. One suspects that if the kids from Anonymous or LulzSec had done it, they’d find themselves being tortured in Guantanamo Bay right now. But not the rich, powerful oligarch Michael Bloomberg.
And let’s not forget Michael Bloomberg’s current favorite pastime – buying elections across the country with his personal fortune to flood Congress with anti-gun representatives. And it’s this passionate mission of his that has gotten the NY Mayor into a world of criminal trouble. At least that’s what 2nd Amendment advocates are insisting.
Using ‘straw purchasers’ to buy guns
All states require some form of identity check in order to purchase a firearm. That’s to prevent ineligible people from buying guns. One such instance is the prohibition against one person buying hundreds or thousands of guns in one day. But once again, Michael Bloomberg appears to be above yet another criminal law.
How do you buy 2,000 guns, out of state, with no paperwork? Ask Michael Bloomberg. According to AmmoLand.com, ‘If it was billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg as the well-founded rumors suggest, he would have had to do it anonymously, and wash the money pretty good, because it’s illegal to buy guns like that across state lines. Buying 2,000 guns that way would be 2,000 federal and state felonies.’
What they’re talking about is a popular urban program wherein a local city buys unwanted guns from its citizens, usually for $100 payable in the form of a debit card or grocery store gift card. The strategy is to get as many guns off the street as possible, especially if the owners are eager to get rid of them. After all, society is definitely better off if those guns are sold to the government and melted into scrap rather than sold to the neighborhood street gangs.
But towns and cities under financial constraints can no longer afford to fund the gun buy-back programs these days. And stepping in to buy all those firearms is a wealthy, anonymous gun control activist. Many have speculated that the mysterious donor is none other than NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Explaining further, the outlet goes on to write, ‘Giving money to someone else to buy guns for you — knowing you can’t buy them yourself – would be a “straw purchase,” something mayor Bloomberg knows is strictly illegal, since he has been fighting against straw buyers publicly for a long time. We don’t know who put up the cash and he sure isn’t saying. The crime doesn’t require that the true buyer ultimately receive the guns, just that the money moves through a knowing straw man (or woman).’
The evidence
The outlet AmmoLand.com continues its investigation into the funding source for the recent Phoenix gun buy-back program. They’ve identified the straw purchaser, as well as the method used to buy all those guns. And for their part, local police officials aren’t cooperating with anyone pointing out that the private mass gun buys are highly illegal.
‘We know how it was done,’ the publication writes, ‘The anonymous bag man gave the money to Hildy Saizow and her anti-gun-rights group, the deceptively named Arizonans for Gun Safety (AGS), according to Phoenix police. Who has AGS taught gun safety to lately? That’s rhetorical, the answer is no one, ever. They’re in the business of buying guns to melt. And campaigning against gun ownership and gun rights.’
Saizow then took the anonymously donated money and bought $200,000 worth of Basha’s grocery store gift cards in $100 increments. That’s 2,000 gift cards, each loaded with $100. The publication points out that those numbers aren’t official, as ‘there is zero accountability’. They also point out that, ‘Phoenix PD didn’t just get 2,000 guns, as one officer feebly mumbled. Those guns cost somebody two hundred grand.’ But who now owns those guns? That’s a good question.
In closing their contemptible review of the anonymous gun buying program in Phoenix, AmmoLand.com calls government officials on one of their most dishonest statements of the program. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who coincidentally happens to be a member of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control organization, repeatedly announced that not a single tax dollar was used for the gun buy-back event.
But in reality, ‘Scores of city police officers have been involved. Scheduling, cruisers, traffic control, coordination with the churches, advertising, press conferences.’ The outlet goes on to add the cost for storing the 8 tons of guns, checking them, inventorying them, transporting them and putting them away somewhere. Who paid for all that? The reporter answers his own question writing, ‘No one believes that no tax money was used. But that’s their story and they’re sticking it to Phoenix tax payers.’

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