Mercenary Confesses Failed Plot Was to Bring President Maduro to US

U.S. mercenary Luke Denman’s group aimed at abducting Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro.

By Telesur

Former United States ex-green beret Luke Denman, that was captured Monday by Venezuela’s Armed Forces, confessed Wednesday that his group aimed at kidnapping President Nicolas Maduro as part of ‘Operation Gedeon’.

“I was expecting anywhere between US$50,000 to US$100,000,” Denman admitted, confessing he arrived in Colombia on Jan. 16 in Rioacha in order to train Venezuelan deserters.

While Maduro said there is no doubt that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque was involved in the military incursion that U.S. mercenaries attempted to accomplish on Sunday.

He also confirmed that Duque ordered the expulsion from his country of people involved in acts of destabilization in Venezuela

“Juvenal Sequea, Hernan Aleman, and Alexander Russo -the one who armed the drone to kill me- are now in Bogota. Ivan Duque will expel them because he wants nothing to do with those who failed,” the Venezuelan leader said at a press conference from Caracas.

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#BREAKING| U.S. national Luke Denman identifies himself as a mercenary. He was captured by the Venezuelan Chavista people and authorities with other criminals attempting an armed naval incursion. Among the facts that he has admitted is that they were coming from Rioacha, Colombia

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#BREAKING | #lukedenman, a captured mercenary involved in the latest coup in Venezuela, reveals that their plan included to take President @maduro_en to the U.S. in a plane.648:38 PM – May 6, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy64 people are talking about this

The U.S. mercenaries are “convicted and confessed,” he stressed and explained that his country’s institutions will judge them according to the due process.

The head of state recalled that the U.S. President Donald Trump, who receives a report every day on Venezuela, affirmed he knew nothing of the foiled armed infiltration in his country.

“It is impossible that Trump did not know what happened in Venezuela this weekend. Mike Pompeo said they have not had direct participation, but have they had indirect participation?”

The Venezuelan president also reiterated that the former U.S. green beret Jordan Goudreau, who is the head of the Silvercorp company, has worked with Trump for several years.

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Brother of ex-Green Beret in failed Venezuela coup pleads for help from US 

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“He has served as Donald Trump’s bodyguard for many years. Jordan Goudreau was named by the State Department as the security chief for the show they put on in Cucuta,” recalled Maduro, referring to the concert that the opposition Juan Guaido organized in such Colombian city to disguise the first attempt to invade Venezuela in 2019.

The Bolivarian leader explained that the U.S. mercenary established negotiations with the State Department and with the Venezuelan opposition led by Guaido, who delegated to J.J. Rendon and Sergio Vergara the hiring of a company to carry out a military invasion.

The negotiation process, which ended in September 2019, led to the preparation of a contract worth US$212 million, which was signed by Goudreau.

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