By: Ziad Fadel

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Mu’ammar Al-Qaddaafi, protected by his all-female security force, frowns at the cameras in a photo taken during some official military event in Tripoli, Libya.  His days were numbered once Russia and China abstained in the UNSC vote on Resolution No. 1973 which blessed a NATO assault on Libya’s sovereignty.

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(Photo: Times of Malta)  Qaddaafi was executed by a gang of slimy, ignorant thugs who arranged to have a teenage boy pull the Great Leader’s own sidearm and shoot him in the head.  This made Zionist Hillary Clinton, a war criminal, ecstatic when she said:  “We came, we saw…….he died” followed by her cackling laughter.   

If Trump’s administration has its way in Venezuela, you can substitute Nicolas Maduro’s face for the Libyan leader’s.  This is what the civilized West is best at doing.
On March 17, 2011, a short time before the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the United Nations Security Council entertained votes on Resolution No. 1973 which permitted a coalition of UN nations to intervene in the post-Arab Spring riots in Libya in order to purportedly contain Qaddaafi’s military and protect civilian life.  Some of you might find the very notion of British concern for civilian life to be somewhat farcical – yet, that is exactly what David Cameron, another war criminal, was espousing at that time.
Russia, China, India, Germany and Brazil abstained.  These countries with the exception of Germany, the backbone of the BRICS alliance, were to learn only later that their disengagement would result in the utter destruction of an entire Arab nation; and worse, the nation with the highest standard of living in all Africa!  :Putin would never forget the sleazy, unctuous and sociopathic manner by wihich the NATO countries snookered him and China into abstaining instead of using their veto power.  This would not be repeated again as everybody now knows with regard to Syria and, most certainly, with regard to Venzuela.
‘Your editor’ is no admirer of Qaddaafi.  And, he is also no admirer of Maduro.  Qaddaafi’s vicious thugs killed my old professor, Dr. ‘Amr Al-Naami, an Ibaadite Muslim, after he visited his native Libya to be with his ailing mother.  They tortured him to death.  He taught me Islamic theology at the University of Michigan and I will never forget his kindness and sense of humor.  And if there is anything I can’t abide, it’s British and French intervention tarted up as some kind of humanitarian effort designed to help the helpless.  It just sounds so bereft of credibility that the moment I hear those Etonian accents or the perfumed dialect of the French, I head for cover.  As the Iranians say:  “It smells of British”.  بوي بريطانياءي .  Whenever a deal sounds too good to be true or when someone is vying for your favor with greasy promises, it is normal to say it smells of British.
Today, crestfallen neo-conservative clowns who had their taste of defeat served up heartily in Syria, are looking around for another way they can use other people’s children to militarily invade a troubled country.  Putin knows this very well.  Putin’s security and intelligence services have, doubtlessly, caught on to the method that was used in Syria to oust Dr. Assad and which is today being resurrected in an effort to control oil-rich Venezuela.  Whatever the case may be, Russia is no longer going to play along with these crooked schemes.
The usurper, Juan Guaido, a gringo stooge if ever there was such a creature, is poised to return to Caracas very soon after visiting Brazil.  The Western MSM has raised the possibility of his arrest suggesting that that might result in even more confusion and disturbances.  We agree.  Given the fact that the U.S. and its NATO allies are following the same script as that of Syria, we can expect injected terrorists working to create the impression that the Venezuelan army is shooting at peaceful and unarmed civilian protesters.  In Der’ah, it was the same with American-supported snipers shooting at unarmed protesters to make it appear the government’s security forces were oppressing the people.  This is where the army, riven by false stories of complicity with the establishment, would revolt and turn against the legitimate government.
Words like “embattled”, “unpopular” and “beleaguered” are already appearing in the MSM with the same frequency as that of Dr. Assad.  Fake news dominates the narrative.  Why, at the Tienditas Bridge linking Venezuela and Colombia, the MSM reported that the Venezuelan Army was blocking “desperately-need aid to the starving masses”.  What a joke.  RT exposed this hoax to a news-hungry audience by noting, after visiting the bridge, that the truck containers blocking it were on the Colombian side – not on the Venezuelan.  Also, the RT reporters on “Watching the Hawks” knew that the blocking containers were placed there by the Colombians to prevent smugglers from using the bridge as a route to the north.
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(Photo:  Irish Times)
Expect more fake news and coordinated lying from the NYT, WP, WSJ, Fox News and the rest of those fiction-spewing oracles selling themselves off as news sources.
Russia is ready for all this because its planners and analysts have substantial experience in spotting choreographed propaganda.  The most laughable part of all this is that Donald Trump and his intellectually lazy daughter, Ivanka, will probably believe their own propaganda since they only watch Fox News for their daily briefings.
Even though Russia knows today that Erdoghan is a pathological liar, they are insisting on holding off the anticipated Syrian Army offensive in South Hama and Idlib fearing a literal bloodbath once all the artillery and air power is deployed.  As of today, 150,000 Syria Army troops are arrayed against what is mostly the HTS (Alqaeda and Jabhat Al-Nusra). Syria Army officers are reportedly champing at the bit to start the offensive but are aware that Russia is holding off what would be the final onslaught to eradicate the criminal terrorist presence in Syria. Even Iran, I am told, is pushing for a more aggressive policy on Idlib.
The SAA is presently repelling constant probing attacks by Nusra, Kataa`ib Al-‘Izza and the Turkistaan Party.  In every instance, the terrorists have been thwarted and mercilessly punished.  The main axes of their attacks are Khaan Shaykhoon, Dayr Sunbul, Bdaamaa, Al-Masaasina, Al-Jeesaat, Al-Lataamina, Al-Arba’een, Latmeen, Al-Huwayz, Teebat Al-Imaam.  In each instance, the terrorists try to bring the SAA out of its fixed positions in attempts to inflict casualties on it.  So far, almost no SAA soldier or member of any allied militia has been injured, much less killed.
It was reported today that another probing attack took place in Hama Province which was not only repelled, but, the SAA inflicted on the aggressors what were described by Wael as “unacceptable losses”.  Be patient, my friends.  It has to come sooner than later.

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