‘MEK members’ mass suicide was likely, if not delisted’‎

A US journalist believes that if the MEK were not delisted as a terrorist organization, they would have been likely to ‎commit mass suicide, incite Iraqi security forces to fight, or even burn themselves alive in France, as ‎they did before. ‎

In an article entitled The MEK Is Bad News, But Delisting Them Was A Good Decision published in ‎Haffington Post on Monday, Christina Wilkie writes that the reason behind MEK delisting was “more ‎importantly, because Clinton understands that they’re a dangerous cult, and that all the other ‎potential outcomes of the ‎‏30‏‎-year standoff between the MEK and the outside world would have likely ‎been much, much worse.”‎
‎“Near the top of that list,” notes the author, “was mass suicide,” “After that, it was that the MEK’s ‎leaders would deliberately provoke a confrontation with Iraqi security forces,” and in France, there ‎was a possibility of public self-immolations, “a tactic the MEK has used there before.”‎
At the outset of her article, Wilkie stated that members of the terrorist MEK group “really don’t like ‎me” and that she doesn’t trust them, either.‎
‎“I’ve been reporting on the MEK for the Huffington Post since last summer, and members of the group ‎have threatened my house and hacked my email,” she added.‎
She noted that she doesn’t deem them “freedom fighters in exile as they claim to be.” “Nor do I ‎believe their values are democratic, as they claim they are.”‎
‎“I believe the MEK is a militant cult of personality, whose leaders, Maryam and Massoud Rajavi, ‎figured out in the ‎‏1980‏‎’s that they could survive by doing mercenary work on behalf of governments ‎that hate Iran,” she went on saying,” she added.‎
‎“Saddam Hussein was their first patron, and he granted them land in Iraq to build a walled, military ‎compound, Camp Ashraf, where until a few months ago, more than ‎‏3,000‏‎ members lived,” She ‎further explained.‎

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