Media Coverage of the Gaza Massacre

Media Coverage of the Gaza Massacre: Had the Dead Been Israeli then VOA, CNN, NBC, ABC & CBS Would No Doubt Have Interrupted Their Schedule

17 unarmed civilian refugees murdered in one day and 1400 protesters injured, by Israeli state-armed snipers. Had the dead and injured been Israeli then VOA, CNN, NBC, ABC & CBS would, no doubt, have interrupted schedules and programs within minutes.  However, the dead and dying were only Palestinians and life is cheap in Gaza, but expensive in Tel Aviv.

It’s the Not So New normal justice of the Middle East where some lives are of value and others worth less than a New Israeli Shekel.  All Men Are Born Equal unless they live in Gaza and die by a bullet in the back or between the eyes by an Israeli government sniper enjoying live target practice.

This then is the tragedy of Gaza and the Occupied Territories in 2018.  The world weeps at the gross injustice and the atrocities still being perpetrated by a government already condemned by the United Nations under UNSC Resolution 2334 of which the international community of nations still awaits compliance and implementation. However, as of this date, the U.N. is treated with complete contempt by the very State it established in 1948 as a safe haven for some of the stateless survivors of Europe after World War 2.

Those are now the perpetrators of the Occupation and the snipers safely picking-off and killing unarmed Palestinians from behind a 3m high wall, using high-powered rifles, after disabling their targets with tear gas.

What a terrible travesty of justice and the rights of man to retain his land, his home, his family, his freedom and his life.

What a terrible indictment of those governments that support and arm the military who carry out such atrocities.

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