Media Continues to Dance to Zionist Extremist Piper on Iran


The controlled media continues to dance to the tune played by its Zionist extremist controllers on Iran. The latest example comes with news reports—now distributed worldwide –claiming that Uranium enrichment levels of 27 per cent have been found in one of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The headlines, which have read “Iran enrichment ‘at higher level’ – IAEA” and UN finds evidence of 27 per cent uranium enrichment in Iran  among others, have all focused on minute particles found by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors at the Fordo site in Iran.

This has been widely touted as “proof” that Iran is developing enriched uranium for nuclear weapons.

The reports have all either underplayed or ignored the part of the IAEA report on the matter, which specifically states that the Iranian government had already explained that the higher readings for the particles were most likely caused by facility start-up procedures, and are a common occurrence at such enrichment stations in all parts of the world.

Furthermore, as the IAEA report reveals, Iran has continuously allowed full access to all of its nuclear facilities to international inspectors—unlike Israel, which has refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has never allowed anyone to inspect its Dimona facility where hundreds of nuclear weapons have been manufactured and stored.

In addition, nuclear weapons require uranium enrichment levels in excess of 90 per cent, and Iran has repeatedly stated that it only requires low enrichment Uranium, that is, up to 20 per cent, for its nuclear energy and medical programs.

All of these facts have not stopped the Zionist-extremist controlled media from continuing to incite hatred against Iran, with the intention of persuading the American people to support an attack on that nation, in exactly the same way that the Jewish Supremacists incited the attack on Iraq.

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