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British Prime Minister Zionist Theresa May has said she is “proud of the role” the UK played in establishing the ‘Israeli’ regime by endorsing the Balfour Declaration in 1917. Press TV has interviewed Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from London, and Maxine Dovere, a reporter and political commentator from New York, to ask the panelists to give their thought on the issue.

Gosling said May’s viewpoint on Israel is not reflecting the real position of the British people who are “disgusted” by the crimes committed against the Palestinians.

“People [like Theresa May] have been put to power by unaccountable security services”  in the UK and actually “what they are saying does not reflect the views of the British people at all,” Gosling said on Thursday night.

“Almost all British people are disgusted by the way the Israeli government is treating the Palestinians [and] some in fact are saying it is worse than apartheid,” the journalist noted.

The Balfour Declaration, signed by Zionist Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, is considered a prelude to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians’ homeland in 1948 and Palestinians believe that the UK government should apologize for issuing the document.

“The Declaration was used as a way to get the United States into the World War I behind Britain”  and it was supported by Zionists, Gosling argued.

Britain, he said, has also been responsible for the creation of the United States, which “many people now look upon as the biggest problem on the planet.”

Britain has played “these tricks” in Northern Ireland and other parts of the world by sending a lot of people to colonize and to cause massive rifts, which brought about wars and hundreds of thousands of deaths, he added.

Dovere, the other contributor on the show, said the US and France also endorsed the Balfour Declaration. “This is not a uniquely singular statement. This is a statement that was agreed to by the majority of nations in the Western world.”

The Palestinian lands, she said, belong to both Arabs and Jews who are the indigenous people of the region.

However, the declaration has not brought about peace and harmony in Palestine, where ‘Israel’ supported by Western powers has occupied vast territories and expelled the indigenous Palestinian people to construct settler units for immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world, she added.

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