by Jonathan Azaziah

And there it is! Aleppo has been liberated! Let me say it again: Aleppo, Syria’s second city, soon-to-be-restored economic hub and one of the oldest most continuously inhabited cities on Earth, is free! The Syrian Arab Republic, its Resistance Axis allies and Vladimir Putin’s Russia pulled it off! Whose tears are sweeter and more copious right now? The happy tears of Aleppo’s people, whose city is reunified and free of terrorism for the first time in five years? Or the wailing, overwhelmed, defeated, suicidally depressed tears of Syria’s enemies in the usurping Zionist entity, the American ZOG, the British ZOG, the French ZOG, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Neo-Ottoman Turkey, who armed, financed and backed the Takfiri ‘Goy’ Golem to the teeth only to watch it get epically crushed?

It’s truly hard to tell and I must say, such a mystery is glorious! Told y’all that something miraculous was going down in Halab and the Syrian Arab Army alongside its steadfast comrades have made that miracle a tangible reality and a soaring, HISTORIC triumph!

Syria’s defenders began the day with a bang, blasting through Takfiri terrorist defense lines and freeing a whopping 8 districts. These recaptured regions included Jouret Awwad, Karm al-Qaterji, Turbat Lala, Al-Marjeh, Sheikh Lutfi, Karz Dada, Karm al-Maysar and the big one, Al-Shaar, which was the “moderate” head-choppers’ most fortified piece of territory and their most strategic position in all of eastern Aleppo other than the Old City. With Al-Shaar under Syrian government control, the SAA, Hizbullah, Iraq’s Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat al-Nujaba as well as Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds carved out another pocket in eastern Aleppo, dividing the “rebels” even more and sending their dwindling ranks into a panic.

In sheer desperation, Jabhat al-Nusra and its Wahhabi mercenary cohorts launched massive but ill-planned counteroffensives in Karm al-Maysar, Karm al-Qaterji and Turbat Lala. Resistance forces repelled everything. Focus then shifted onto Aleppo’s Old City and specifically the Citadel of Halab, which the SAA was only a half kilometer away from as a result of its new progress.

Then the extraordinary happened. The Syrian Arab Army, side-by-side with Hizbullah and Iraqi Resistance fighters, heroically stormed into the previously-mentioned Old City–the “grand prize” of this struggle–and smashed the droves of Takfiri zombies they encountered with ease. Within a matter of just two hours, Al-Farafira, Karm al-Jabal, Bab al-Hadid and Aghyour were all retaken and Mouqawamah Axis soldiers were advancing still. As the Wahhabi terrorist goons’ morale plummeted, they watched their pitiful lives flash before their hateful eyes and in spite of their chest-pounding boasts a little over a day earlier that they would never surrender Halab, they realized the lack of options in front of them and they did just that.

Hundreds of Jabhat al-Nusra thugs began to withdraw from their posts, lay down their arms and kneel before Syria’s guardians.

The Syrian Arab Army then called in its famous green buses to take Zio-NATO’s humiliated proxies to Idleb. Resistance forces, led by Hizbullah, pushed deeper into the Old City and reached the center, prompting Russia to phone Turkey and hammer out an agreement for the small number of terrorists remaining to leave. Syria and its TRUE friends now control nearly 90% of eastern Aleppo, with the Old City completely liberated and the few terrorist-held areas in the southeast like Bustan al-Qasr set to be emptied of Wahhabi criminals in a little less than 48 hours. It’s over. It’s finally, FINALLY over. The most important battle of the entire war on Syria has come to a close in favor of the Resistance Axis and although we still await the official announcement, let it be known and let it be joyously screamed: The Zionist conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic is dead!

In this once-in-a-lifetime moment, it’s hard not to think about Mursi, Sarkozy, Hollande, Davutoglu, Zio-Killary Clinton, Saudi “King” Abdullah, “Prince” Bandar Ibn ‘Israel’, Qatari “Emir” Hamad al-Thani, Cameron, Obama, Biden, Kerry, Power, Harper and Jewish-Zionist New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, all of whom said “Assad Must Go!” And yet, they are all gone (or about to be gone) while Dr. Bashar al-Assad is still here, stronger and more popular than ever. The Syrian Arab Army is still here too. And Aleppo has been fully cleansed of the Wahahbi-Takfiri plague. That’s not poetic justice… That’s MOUQAWAMIST justice! In the face of a 4th Generation Warfare campaign consisting of barbaric terrorists from 100 countries, a colonialist alliance never before seen in history and a universal media onslaught, Syria, Hizbullah, the Iraqi Mouqawamah, the Islamic Republic of Iran (most especially its IRGC and the Afghan Fatemiyoun and Pakistani Zaynabyoun under its command) and the Russian Federation didn’t merely change the map of the whole region, they changed the fate of the whole world. Forever.

ALF MABROUK to these heroes whose sacrifices already register in history’s notebooks as legendary and Heaven-sent. And most importantly, ALF MABROUK to Aleppo’s people, who can now begin the process of healing after half a decade of chaos, ruin and horror. There will be Christmas in Aleppo this year and it’s gonna be a pretty damn Merry one! Next up are Idleb and Raqqa! Soon, every inch of Syria will know the beautiful jubilation Aleppo is feeling.

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