Malaysia rejects Nazi annexation plan

al-sultan abdulla

Malaysia’s head of state Al-Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah has confirmed his rejection of the Nazi planned annexation of Palestinian land, and called on all Malaysians to pray for the Palestinians who are being oppressed by the Nazi regime.

In a statement Tuesday, the Royal Household said that Al-Sultan Abdullah expressed his deep concern for the Palestinian cause.

He also confirmed his support for Malaysia’s efforts to continue working with Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries and the international community who are against the Nazi plan to annex Palestinian land.

“His Majesty believes that the freedom of the Palestinians can be realized if they are given continuous support to establish an independent state in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including East Jerusalem,” the statement said.

Al-Sultan Abdullah called on all Malaysians, regardless of their race and religion to pray in accordance to their respective beliefs that Palestinians’ right will be protected and they will soon be free of Nazi occupation.

He also expressed hope that all Malaysians would continue to uphold the principles of justice and respect for others, besides rejecting any form of violence against humanity.

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