Making Al-Sham Great Again


By: Mantiq al-Tayr

Christians in Aleppo celebrating the Christmas season, 2017. 

1. Just a quick Christmas post wishing a Merry Christmas to all and most especially to the Christians (and Muslims) of the Middle East whose lives have been turned into absolute hell by the true Axis of Evil, The CIA, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Al-Qa’ida, Qatar and ISIS (CIASUQQISIS).  Have I got everyone listed here? Damn, I feel like I’m leaving something out. Shit, what am I missing?  Oh, that’s right, Togo. Wow, thank Hashem I remembered that one.

Hold on a second, a little birdie just landed at my doorstep with a message.

Wow, I’m glad I got that message. I left out the Marshall Islands.

If I’ve left out anyone else, please let us know by calling the US embassy in Jerusalem.

2. Well, it looks like the Syrian Arab Army got a nice big Christmas present from Uncle Zion. (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Sergey Lavrov.)

“The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces arrived in northern Hama this week with a big surprise from their previous operations in the Deir Ezzor Governorate. Units from the Tiger Forces were seen armed with US-manufactured weapons that were seized from the Islamic State (ISIS) during the two month long battle in Deir Ezzor.”

Among the weapons are TOW missiles! How cool is that?

And they are going to use these weapons to retake Idlib. Is this a great country or what?

I mean, only in America can you supply weapons to support various and sundry terrorist organizations in their efforts to topple a government and destroy a country’s civil society in the service of Israel and suddenly have those vary same weapons be used by the victims to take their country back from the monsters you helped create. Making Al-Sham Great Again.  MASHGA.

3. Okay, it’s video time.

Each Christmas for the past few years I’ve posted a link to the video below.  I love the story and the music. Just imagine that the change the old man passes out to others is a Tow missile. ?

Okay, that was too much. Couldn’t help myself, I blame Putin for that last comment – one of the tuyuur is obviously an agent of the Kremlin. Enjoy the video. As I wrote last yeaer,the default start frame of this video reminds me of two who are very dear.  But I digress.


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