Make February a month of struggle against police brutality and mass incarceration!


New York City actions and forums

This February is the one-year anniversary of the NYPD murder of Ramarley Graham.

The families of the victims of police brutality are speaking out. Community and door-to-door outreach is happening every day. Cultural events and mass forums are taking special aim at the epidemics of police brutality and mass incarceration. Stop-and-frisk is facing a serious legal challenge that is exposing the program’s racism and unconstitutionality.
Now is the time to get involved, to help turn the widespread outrage over police brutality into a grassroots movement.The February calendar is full of exciting events, forums and performances, culminating with the Feb 23 ‘Stop the Cops’ Unity March from the Bronx to Harlem. An expanded list of organizations have now endorsed the march, and the momentum is building.
If you believe in this struggle, click this link to join an outreach team or get connected to an organizer in your area. You can also show your support by making a much-needed donation to help cover the cost of flyers and posters, for our door-to-door teams to use.
Wherever you are, you can also share this message on Facebook and Twitter.
February: A Month of Struggle Against Police Brutality and Mass Incarceration(Details below in email)
Feb. 1 Public Forum in Harlem: Black History Month and Update on Ramarley Graham 
Feb. 2 (2pm) 1st Memorial for Ramarley Graham in the Bronx (Wakefield)
Feb. 2 (6:30pm) ‘Reclaim Education, End Mass Incarceration’ / Solidarity with Mumia
Feb. 9 ‘Break the Chains’ Lyrical Revolt, Hip Hop and Spoken Word Showcase in Brooklyn
Feb. 23 ‘Stop the Cops’ Unity March from the Bronx to Harlem
Public Forum in Harlem
Topics: Venezuelan Revolution | State of Black America | Ramarley Graham 

Friday, February 1, 7pm
2295 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
(2/3/B/C trains to 135th Street)
Sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation
1st Memorial for Ramarley Graham, Rally and Vigil
Saturday, February 2, 2:00pm
749 E 229th St Bronx, NY 10466
Ramarley Graham was an 18 year old unarmed Black male who was murdered by NYPD Officer Richard Haste in front of his grandmother and 6 year old brother in the bathroom of his family’s home on February 2, 2012. The NYPD Officer Richard Haste who executed Ramarley was charged with manslaughter, but other members of his team that were involved in the illegal entry of Graham’s apartment have not been charged. More information available at
BMCC Discussion and Performances
‘Reclaim Education: End Mass Incarceration’
An event in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal
Reclaim EducationSaturday, February 2, 630pm at BMCC
Lets bring in the New Year by reclaiming OUR education and addressing the most important issues of our generation.
Keynote Speaker: Pam Africa
Live Performances: Rebel Diaz & Immortal Technique
Free but space is limited. RSVP at
Sponsored by: Students United for a Free CUNY, Free Mumia Coalition, Da Urban Butterflies, Students Against Mass Incarceration
Lyrical Revolt 24: Breaking the Chains!
Artists take on police brutality and mass incarceration
Lyrical revolt 24
Hip Hop and Spoken Word Showcase
Saturday, February 9, 8pm
Skylight Gallery
Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration
1368 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Doors open at 7PM, $10 ADMISSION
RSVP on Facebook
‘Stop the Cops’ Unity March
from the Bronx to Harlem

February 23, 1pm
From 138th St. and 3rd Ave (6 train / Bronx)
Stop the CopsStop the Cops:
… from frisking and brutalizing our youth!
… from targeting immigrant and Muslim communities!
… from harassing women and LGBTQ people!
Stop-and-Frisk won’t stop crime—Stop-and-Frisk is the crime!
Download and distribute the flyer!
RSVP on Facebook
Read the Call to Action and see endorsers
Endorse the Call to Action

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