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Rabbi Pinchas Abuhatssira’s estimated wealth is NIS 1,300,000,000 ($334,947,000)
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Forbes Israel reported on the top richest rabbis in Israel, who range from “reasonable” sums of a few million dollars, to the richest rabbi who is worth more than a quarter billion dollars. The list actually includes 12 rabbis and one “rebbetzin.”

Some of the Forbes Israel report includes allegations as well as documented convictions over improper financial gains. But the majority of them have accumulated their wealth from donations by local and world Jews, who seek their advice and blessings.

Typically, the report attempts to assign a dark aspect to the very idea that a rabbi, a man of the cloth, should be so wealthy. But Jewish tradition not only welcomes wealth as a gift of plenty from God, but sees wealth as a necessary prerequisite for positions of divine inspiration, such as that of the High Priest in the Temple.

Some of the greatest leaders of the Jewish people were wealthy, including Moses and Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi. Jewish tradition appears to be interested not so much in the amount of money a person has acquired, but with the amount of good deeds he or she have performed using their wealth.

The rabbis and rebbetzin are listed here strictly based on the Forbes Israel report.

13. Rebbetzin Bruria Zvuluni, 51, married + 8, living in Jerusalem, estimated wealth NIS 20,000,000 ($5,159,000)

12. Rabbi Yekutiel Abuhatssira, 51, married, living in Ashdod, , estimated wealth NIS 25,000,000 ($6,448,000)

11. Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, 69, married + 8, lives in Bnei Brak, estimated wealth NIS 30,000,000 ($7,744,930)

10. Rabbi Yoram Abergel, 55, father of 5, lives in Netivot, estimated wealth NIS 35,000,000 ($9,017,830)


9. Rabbi Reuven Elbaz, 68, lives in Jerusalem, estimated wealth NIS 40,000,000 ($10,306,100)

8. Rabbi Baruch Abuhatssira, 71, married+3, lives in Netivot, estimated wealth NIS 75,000,000 ($19,323,900)

7. Rabbi Josiah Pinto, 38, married+3, lives in Ashdod, estimated wealth NIS 75,000,000 ($19,323,900)

6. Rabbi Jacob Ifergan, the “X-ray,” 46, married+4, lives in Netivot, estimated wealth NIS 90,000,000 ($23,188,700)

5. Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, 55, married+4, Moshav Tlamim, estimated wealth NIS 100,000,000 ($25,765,200)

4. The Belzer rebbe, Rabbi Issachar Dov Rokeach, 65, lives in Jerusalem, estimated wealth NIS 180,000,000 ($46,377,400)

3. The Gerrer Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, 73, married+9, lives in Bnei Brak, estimated wealth NIS 350,000,000 ($90.178,300)

2. Rabbi David Chai Abuhatssira, 70, married+9, lives in Naharia, estimated wealth NIS 750,000,000 ($193,239,000)

1. Rabbi Pinchas Abuhatssira, 36, married+5, lives in Be’er Sheva, estimated wealth NIS 1,300,000,000 ($334,947,000)

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