EDITORS NOTE: Regarding the Fogel family murder, so far there has been no evidence who did it…but the accusations have been completely unfounded and predictable, “…some murderous Palestinians did it!” It is just too good a thing for Hasbara to pass up… perhaps they have yet to spring the trap on some fall guy or stooge whom they have set up for it.  The political and PR timing must be exact to maximize effect.

A shocking crime indeed, and one which cannot be tolerated.  All resources, Israeli, Palestinian, International, and UN must be applied to investigate, and identify the murderers, and bring them to justice for such a crime.

The first order of the day should be to ensure that this was not some black flag operation, and eliminate the obvious first order beneficiaries of such a dastardly crime against an innocent family.  Who, or whose plans, really benefits most from this act?  Palestinians, Israelis, anyone else?

The second order of investigation might be to uncover the degree of innocence of the victims, just who actually owned the house in which they were living, and how they came to be there where they were in the first place.

Was this a previously Palestinian-owned house?  Was it or the property properly bought and paid for?  Entitled by recognized sovereign law of the land?  On freehold property?  Legally entitled to an Israeli Settler family?

Every investigator knows that murders seldom happen at random, and there is usually a genuine motive or cause behind them.  What motive and causes lie behind this one?

Then, and only then after the facts have been ascertained, the actual perpetrators should be run to ground, arrested, prosecuted and executed… without regard to who they are, where they come from, or who sent them.

As in the case with the many Palestinians who were murdered in their beds in Gaza, one doubts that the Fogel family will ever receive the Justice they deserve and that the actual perpetrators of this crime will ever be brought to Justice.

AIPAC’s tone is a good indicator of Israeli PM Netanyahu’s stance — GETTY

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