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Good Afternoon,
I wanted to ensure you are sighted on some local policing updates..
Understandably, Covid remains a priority for policing and we continue to be visible in areas where there may be a higher footfall and we will respond to reports of Covid breaches, ensuring those individuals who breach lockdown rules and risk the health of the wider community are dealt with accordingly. Thankfully the vast majority of our community are complying and I thank you all for this.

I want to share some updates with you in relation to crime in relation to the 4 wards of Moseley and Kings Heath, Hall Green, Springfield and Sparkbrook. The below data is based on Year to date since 1st April 2020:
Firstly the good news. Robbery offences are down by over 30% on all of the wards. Burglary is also showing fantastic reductions on all of our wards. For example, Springfield is down 22%, Hall Green down 8%, Moseley and Kings Heath down by 24%, whilst Sparkbrook is down a whopping 44%!. We have also seen some great reductions in Knife crime across the 4 wards.

What does concern me though are the levels of Domestic Abuse crimes that continue to rise across all of our wards. Domestic Abuse remains another top priority for police and my officers are constantly looking for new ways of working with partners to tackle the problem.

Ask for Ani’ for example is a new Home Office initiative that will be launching imminently in partnership with some pharmacies to tackle Domestic Abuse. Basically it is a code word scheme to provide victims of DA a discreet means of signalling they are in need of emergency help from the safety of their local pharmacy. I will ensure further details are shared regarding Chemists that are signed up to this scheme in due course.

Thankyou everyone in Sparkbrook and Springfield who provided us locations to deploy our Parking Enforcement Operation on 14th January! I was overwhelmed with locations sent to me, which confirms that Parking is an issue that effects many of you. I Apologise we could not get to all of the locations on the day in question but I can confirm Police and Birmingham City Council Parking Enforcement teams deployed to Stratford Road, Ladypool Road, Braithwaite Road, Palmerstone Road, Ladypool Road, Runcorn Road, Stoney Lane and Esme Rd and issued parking tickets.

I am really keen to look at ways we can make WMNOW as interactive as possible and will run similar operations in the future where you will have the opportunity to tell us where to deploy.
Take Care
Neil Kirkpatrick
Hall Green Constituency Inspector
West Midlands Police

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