Lobby: ‘Egypt is turning anti-IsraHell’

 by rehmat1

Jewish soldiers killed five Egyptian security personnel. Benji Netanyahu refuses to apologize for the ‘mistake’. Cairo recalls its ambassador from Tel Aviv. The New York Times (August 18, 2011) blames post-Mubarak military regime for turning the “northern Sanai Pennisula into a lawless and a softer line towards Iran and Hamas – has frayed ties with Israel“.

Egyptian officials denied that any attackers had crossed Egyptian territory to get to the Eilat area. Hamas also rejected the Israelis’ accusations, calling them part of a plot “meant to justify an Israeli aggression against Gaza.” But how could the Zionist-controlled West trust Muslims against the very people, Rev. John Hagee says: Save a Jew save yourself.

Under international law and national pride – Egyptian military has the right to cross Israel-Egypt border and kill some Israeli soldiers as part of ‘Jewish vengeance’. But, then Egyptian military is no Hizbullah fighters. It is lead by corrupt and secular generals who are known for their links with the Pentagon and the Israel Army.

On Friday, thousands of angry Egyptian broke down barriers at Israeli embassy in Cairo, burned Israeli flag, hoisted Egyptian flag and demanded that military junta expel Israeli ambassador and break diplomatic relation with the Zionist enity. Watch video below.

Egyptian foreign ministry summond Israeli ambassador and told him that Ehud Barak’s ‘regret’ is not enough. Washington, Paris and London rushed to help their masters in Tel Aviv resolve the diplomatic tesion. Zionist defense minister Ehud Barak phoned head of Egyptian military junta, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, advising him: “The peace agreement between Israel and Egypt is of great importance and strategic value to stability in the Middle East”.

On Saturday, a few hundreds Jordanian protested in front Israeli embassy in Amman. They carried Jordanian, Egytian and Palestinian flags and demanded expulsion of Israeli ambassador and abrogation of Amman’s 1994 peace treaty with the Zionist regime.

According to several Arab analysts Israelis knew the attack before hand (like 9/11) and that none of Gaza family has mentioned their member missing. They conclude that it was deliberate action by Zionist regime to divert the attention of the massive ‘tent protests’ it’s facing at home and to sabotage Palestinian call for an independent state at United Nations General Assembly in September 2011. More than 100 UN member states have promised to vote in favor of Palestinian demand.

Brazilian cartoonist, Carlos Latuff’s Flagman cartoon has made the Egyptian carpenter, Ahmed Shehat, who climbed atop Israeli embassy and pulled-down Israeli flag, an instant hero of tens of millions of Arabs.

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