Listen – ‘Israel’: Why scholars and activists are leaving the country

Listen – Israel: Why scholars and activists are leaving the country

13th January 2023  HomeIsraelPodcast

Mohamed El-Doufani writes:

Israeli academic and author Ilan Pappe describes his most significant research finding as uncovering the “intentional ethnic cleansing” of Palestine by the Zionists — a fact. he says, that’s supported by documents he found in Israeli and British archives. He says public debate of this and other matters related to the establishment of Israel had become virtually impossible, which has prompted him and others to leave Israel.

15. Israel: Why scholars and activists are leaving

Dr Mohamed Doufani is an editor, writer, analyst and commentator specialising in the Middle East and North Africa, and Russian and US foreign policies.

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Britain’s state broadcaster, the BBC, is once again telling the world, blatantly and shamelessly, that Israeli lives are worth more than Palestinian lives. “Israel under renewed Hamas attack”: this was last night’s BBC headline on the escalating bloodshed in Gaza,” writes Owen Jones in the Guardian newspaper. “It is as…9th July 2014

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