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Americas Ignorant Dupes, When Are We Firing the Bunch?


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Today, America learned it had been “used” in Yemen.  Our drone attacks were based on “intelligence” that had us killing political enemies of a dictator no sensible person would accept a glass of scotch from without having it tested by the CDC.

Nearly 2 years ago, VT warned the DOD and CIA about this.  Then we caught an Israeli crew running a phony Al Qaeda cell there, hired to do that by the US, I have no doubt.  We are that crooked.

The Detroit “Crotch Bomber” was part of that effort.

Today, the Turks killed 35 “smugglers” in Kurdistan.  Why?  Israel has sent troops into Kurdistan after the US left.   They are running terror operations against Turkey and building a secret air base for attacks on Iran, drones initially. 

I know the area, everyone involved, it is a complex issue and I understand why Kurdistan is allowing it. I would go there, warn them, explain the consequences, lots of car bombs and such but I would be killed.

A Predator – Doing It’s Thing

Kurdistan has been peaceful, for the most part, for a long time.  I consider the region a second home and have many good friends there.  They are being slated for bad things much as Nigeria has.

Same source, really same reason, scamming folks out of money.

Let’s take a second to talk about the Pakistan drone attacks.

The region our drones attack are “tribal.”  These are armed warriors, an army bigger than America’s is there but tougher, better trained and with some better weapons.

Vice President Biden, more or less, tried to tell some that this is not the Taliban.  These are Pashtun tribals, a society thousands of years old, who run their own area and should be left alone.

I would leave them alone.  They are polite, they are independent, they are relentless. Only an idiot would send drones over them and bomb.

That idiot is the United States, advised by criminal elements in Afghanistan.  Some of these groups are in the same family.  Some families there have been fighting each other for hundreds of years.

Now they are fighting the United States, fighting Pakistan and some in Afghanistan are responsible.

Behind them is India and Israel, their “people” are seen everywhere.

Best call them terrorists and spies, that’s what they are. Everything you have been told is a lie.

Imran Khan – Pushing for Regime Change in Pakistan

If you want the truth, start finding broadcasts and writings of Imran Khan.

A minor problem?  This, theoretically, is the reason for the whole 11 year war, the thousands dead, the trillions “spent” (read stolen) and the huge drug business there run by the CIA.

There was no war,  There was no huge Taliban, only independent tribals who are fighting back when attacked by moronic Americans.

Our military in Afghanistan is the worst led pack of rabble on the face of the earth.  Get used to this, it is the simple truth.

Hand out medals, import body bags, build some orphanages, we started the whole thing when we abandoned Afghanistan after the communist government left years ago.

We went after the Taliban, not because of 9/11, that would require us attacking Tel Aviv and GOP headquarters.

We went into Afghanistan because of oil and gas pipelines and to run drugs. We are thieves and liars.

Opium – Fields of Glory?

Welcome to another war where America is the real Nazi Germany, the real mass murderers, where we kill civilians, take hostages, execute the innocent and lie about it with continual propaganda.

Iraq was the same. So was Vietnam.

It is time we starting blaming our military for what it is, corrupt, wasteful and incompetent.  Bush left us militarily crippled, led by buffoons and thieves.

Get rid of all of them.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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