Lies of Fouad Ajami



Of course, this is a man whose career is devoted to ingratiating himself with American Zionists.  He reaped rewards for that role but it has made him a boring yet another Likudnik in Washington, DC.  Look at this:  “(Wadi Abu Jamil, the Jewish quarter of the Beirut of my boyhood, is now a Hezbollah stronghold, and no narrative exalts or recalls that old presence.)”    Of course, he is lying here. Wadi Abu Jamil is not a Hizbullah stronghold and there are no Hizbullah stations around the area.

This is something he writes to win pats on the native head from Zionist whites around him.  In fact, the Jews of Wadi Abu Jamil (like many other Lebanese from other sects) fled due to the war, and as it happens Western countries are far more hospitable to Jewish and Christian immigrants from the Middle East than they are to average Muslim immigrants.  So how is that analogous to Israeli expulsion of Palestinians?  But this is a typical Zionist propaganda trick that i have come to know full well, having lived in the US since 1983.

I saw that in the 1980s about the Jews in Syria.  When the Jews of Syria lived there, Zionists in the US were launching propaganda campaigns to the effect, “let my people go”.  Why is Syria holding Jews hostage inside the country.  And when Syria allowed the Jews to immigrate, the Zionist propaganda apparatus quickly adjusted and they launched campaigns to the effect: look. They expelled the Jews from Syria. This is just like what happened to the Palestinians.  Look Zionists: you can fool Ajami and the Bahraini ambassador in DC, but not the rest of us Arabs, OK?


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