Libya's Fearless Leader Gaddafi Goes Hummula Hummula



by Johnny Punish  

Gaddafi Should Hire Saddam’s Former Information Minister Mohammed “We’re Winning” Al-Sahaf


Saddams Former Information Minister Mohammed “We’re Winning” Al-Sahaf

We each day that goes by in the 2011 Libyan revolt for Freedom, Democracy and Liberty, Col. Muammar Gaddafi gets more beligerent and myopic.

His amazing determination to ignore reality has really not been seen before in modern times by a leader of an established country which makes his disposition and claims so much more compelling.  Frankly, his Jersey Shore-Esque outbursts are good for TV ratings.  To me, it’s like watching Snooki get punched in the face or like watching a car crash on a daily basis while the driver says he’s winning the race.

As I write this, Gaddafy is losing control of Zawiya, a town just oustide of Tripoli as the rebels begin to surround Tripoli and make it the last bastion of his waning power in Libya.   All of this while the world leaders close in on his step by step with sanctions, money freezes, contracts cancelled, and private dancer concerts by Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles suspended until he can find his checkbook.

All of this as the strange Gaddafi brought in foreign journalists to Tripoli and set them up in a posh hotel taking them around to show them that Libya is peaceful and normal when in fact, it’s falling apart at the seams.

At this point, it seems that Gaddafy needs to hire Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Saddam Husseins Minister of Information.  You may recall back in the early parts of the Iraq War he was on TV daily saying stuff like…. 

“In a few days, you will all witness something that can only be considered very beautiful against the Coalition forces. That, I assure you.”

“we managed to chop off their rotten heads”

“There are only two American tanks in the city.”

“We are winning!” 

It was superb TV.  I was sure he would be a reality show type but I think reality TV was just starting out and it was not like it is today.  So he missed that boat.  Nevertheless, it was comedy relief from one of the best PR pitchmen in war history. 

Now If Gaddafi hired this guy, maybe he could get out of this mess with an MTV show.  And maybe these two funny guys could do ”The Simple Life with Two Crazy People” or something like that.

Instead, Gaddafi, at this point, looks too insane to be on TV, even for reality TV.  So look for his next stop probably appearing live on our evening news dragged by a rope tied to his ankles as the rebels drag him through the streets and into the criminal courts of the international tribunals.

Way to go Muammar!

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