Libyan Kabuki


Is Truth Reporting News or Restoring Reality?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I have been doing Sunday Morning pieces for some time, on and off.  Libya has been dominating the news but little of it is really about Libya.  This was a closed society for 42 years, much like North Korea.  Anyone talking about pre-war Libya is simply making it up.  Nobody is talking about the new government.  But why are they talking about Libya at all? 

There is a human tragedy there, reported from wildly different perspectives, Gaddafi the “mad killer” or the rebels as “CIA/Al Qaeda” terrorists.  Whatever the truth is, it will come out during the next two weeks.  Gaddafi is gone, too late for those dedicated to saving him for whatever reason.  We can wait for the results and hope some effort is made to help avert what is now becoming another tragedy, one of so many.

The big news coming up is the UN vote on Palestine.  This would give the Palestinian people who were once the vast majority of the people of what is now called Israel a country of their own.  It is our position at Veterans Today to support this effort because it is the right thing to do.  This is the truth.  The reality?  What has been told to the people of the west by the news and popular culture about who Israel is and who the Palestinians are is false.  It is a story invented to justify an apartheid state, stolen land and extremist policies.  Israel has been bad.  Americans have been lied to or fed a continual diet of “holocaust stories” as a form of mind control.  Almost everything Israel has accused Nazi Germany of doing, they are doing, and doing it today.  This is the truth and you won’t read it or see it anywhere but it is true just the same.

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When hundreds of thousands of Israelis began protesting their own government, that had to be stopped.  The timing was all wrong.  Israel had to look “squeaky clean” for the UN vote and the big celebrations of 9/11.

 How was it dealt with?  Perfectly timed attacks hit Israel, exactly enough when backed by a barrage of propaganda to clear demonstrators off the streets, out of their “tent cities,” making them look foolish in the face of a “foreign threat.”  Israel has done this dozens of times, even blowing up a bus filled with corpses flown in from Russia claiming it to be a “devastating terror attack.”

If only I were making this up.  Remember the stories about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction?  The vast majority of terror attacks are what we call “false flag.”  They are either done to rig elections, cover something up stir up a war with a financial profit motive behind it.  There would be none of the wars we have today without “false flag terrorism,” orchestrated by governments themselves and blamed on outside groups, Palestinians, “Al Qaeda,” a CIA creation from day one or ‘suicide bombers,” the hapless victims of the very successful mind control programs we are told don’t exist but see in movies and on TV continually.

Drugs and hypnosis and in 3 days I could get your mother to blow up a Sunday School.  Stories to the contrary are disinformation.  What would the public think if Oswald and all those since had been, just as Oswald said before being murdered, “patsies.”

Look at the Detroit “crotch bomber.”  The Justice Department has classified almost everything about his trial because he was so “zoned out” that he required a security escort from Yemen to Ghana to Nigeria to the Netherlands and onto the plane for Detroit.  He was so drugged he had to be placed, no ticket, no visa, not even a passport, in Business Class at the tightest airport in the world, Schipol in Amsterdam, placed in his seat by an intelligence agent of a government with power to override the laws of the Netherlands.  Abdul Mutallab was so drugged that they had someone on the plane with him to watch him.  This person was arrested in Detroit and taken past the entire crew and all the passengers but then “disappeared” as did the “well dressed man” that put Mutallab on the plane in front of two Michigan attorney’s who witnessed the entire thing and reported it on a bevy of talk shows.

All video, from dozens of low light/HD cameras was “misplaced” by the Israeli company that runs security at Schipol Airport.  All Detroit footage disappeared also along with arrest records.  As for witnesses?  Threats.

Now a trial begins and the evidence that a “zombie” was carried onto a plane, set onto a seat with a watcher behind him is “barred” from the proceedings.

Israel invaded Egypt in 1967, a sneak attack, backed by phony news stories.  To get away with it, they tried to sink the USS Liberty, another sneak attack, killing or wounding nearly 200 Americans.  In 1983, they blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans.  We found out it was them, just as we did with the USS Liberty, just as we did with Abdul Mutallab in Detroit or the car bombing in Alexandria or many of the attacks across Iraq and even the recent bombings in Nigeria, the National Police headquarters and the UN building in Abuja.

The biggest issue of the century will be Israeli involvement in 9/11.  For 10 years, real proof has been massed against Israel and an American cabal around former President George W. Bush, showing broad complicity in the planning, execution and coverup of 9/11.  If an American such as Ron Paul were to assume the presidency, it is believed by many that the 9/11 coverup will unravel and Israel will fall.  Anything imaginable will be done to prevent this, destroying Paul for sure, but even more.  Thus Paul, the real Republican front runner by far, one who can take half the Democratic votes as well, is being systematically boycotted and sabotaged in one of the clearest cases of the covert dictatorship American has become showing its hand.

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Nobody can say a word.  They will be labeled “antisemites” or reminded of the holocaust.  This is the truth, this is reality.

The vote in the UN will be a waste of time.  Most of the world will support the Palestinians who are not terrorists at all.  They know this.  American will support Israel, blocking Palestine with a veto in the Security Council, because of the powerful grip the Israel lobby has on the US government, one gained through bribery and blackmail, going back generations.  This is the truth.  You may not accept it but it is true just the same.  Once the question of rights for the Palestinian people is settled, it can no longer be used as an excuse by a very nasty group of powerful men, yes, that secret conspiracy you hear about so often.  It exists.

Stop for a second.

The basis for all the wars today is Palestinians and land.  We are told this was the basis for 9/11, for everything, all terrorism since 1947 to today.  How much land, worth how much?  Millions are dead, nations have been ground into the earth, trillions of dollars spent over land no larger than some Texas ranches.  See a problem here?

Certainly Jews didn’t want Palestinians around. Palestinians already owned all of Israel, had legal title to the land, they had to go.  When they were forcibly moved, their land stolen, their homes bulldozed by the tens of thousands, they became angry.  You can’t pay angry people a few cents an hour for slave labor, doing the real work that we are told Israeli’s do on those “kibbutzes.”

So the Palestinians were pushed into Jordan and Lebanon, millions of them.  Others were put in Gaza, a form of concentration camp, like Auschwitz.  Did you know Auschwitz had a movie theatre and swimming pool?  So does Gaza.  Why the comparison, isn’t that “anti-semitic” or disrespectful of the “holocaust?”  Yesterday civilian areas of Gaza were hit by fire bombs from Israeli drones, actually copies of the US designed raptor.  The munitions came from America.

The news, however, reported none of this and the “alternative press,” almost to a man, talked about how “rebels” in Libya were massacring poor Libyan civilians.

An interesting “back story” came out on this a couple of days ago.  The new Libyan government claims it received, from Gaddafi defectors, records of payments made to activists, journalists and even bloggers, payments to create false news stories based on “talking points” written, we now find, by Washington based think tanks with pro-Israeli stances.  We have multiple confirmations on this and two trails, one backtracking on the internet and another through following payments to lobbyists.

Careful examination of dozens of stories across the internet, many in the mainstream press, validate this story, with the same “talking point” based press releases being repackaged like a 3rd grade book report and “spun” across the world.

Then we learned more from sources in Lebanon.

To be clear, there is absolutely NO evidence that any journalist or blogger knew of this.

An Islamic Charity run by a Shiite cleric had received millions of dollars to fund pro-Gaddafi propaganda.  The money came from Gaddafi accounts and the operation was organized in Israel by Saif Gaddafi during one of his visits to Tel Aviv.  Several million dollars have been channeled by this operation into a combination of non-profits, front organizations and the press.  The goal is three pronged, an attempt to keep Gaddafi as a power in Lebanon, the destruction of Hezbollah and orchestrating public opinion toward an early attack on Iran.

This qualifies as an independent confirmation of our earlier reports from Libya.

We’ve received a number of documents detailing rates for articles published and blogposts posted, with the highest rates being paid for articles that make it into the mainstream media (2,000 USD per article) and the lowest (500 USD per item) for blogposts of more than 700 words.  Those who XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are paid 15,000 USD per day spent there, plus 3,000 USD per article datelined Tripoli or another Gaddafi-held area.

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In another report, verified by private sources but banned from all mainstream media and also boycotted from the alternative press as well dated March 5, 2011:

Israeli Daily, Yediot Ahronot:  According to diplomatic sources, that an Israeli high-ranking offical and that the chief of affairs of Libya’s Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Muammar Gaddafi,  two days ago had a quick surprise visit  to Israel to ask for help to save the Libyan government.

The newspaper said that according to the Hebrew source of other Libyan spoke to Arab media outlets, the relationship between Saif al-Islam and Israel has evolved considerably during the current crisis came amid reports that Israeli security firms active in Chad and the recruitment of mercenaries sent to Libya unrealized gains billions of dollars.

Yediot revealed that Saif al-Islam asked senior leaders in Israeli security military assistance munitions and night observation devices, as well as satellite imagery, and in turn, pledged to develop ties between Tripoli and Tel Aviv or what may remain of them under his authority with Israel in the fields of political and economic development.

In another context, had been sources for the Libyan opposition’s newspaper “Al Rai Kuwait” that a group of Israeli experts arrived in Libya on a plane large private landed at the airport, “walked” a few days ago to help the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to regain the initiative in the field against the Revolution overwhelming that the country has seen.

The 50,000 mercenaries never arrived.  The real numbers between 1500 and 3000 have been accounted for, some killed or wounded, some held in detention.  Most surrendered almost immediately upon being confronted by forces of the new government.  Others may still be with remaining Gaddafi forces in remote tribal areas but those numbers are estimated as being very low.

What our sources now tell us is that the deal cut by Saif in Tel Aviv had another aspect to it.  Israel would help Libya with propaganda by having Palestinian organizations they had been secretly controlling through the Mossad, some of which are openly hostile to Hezbollah and Iran, organize ”peace activists” to visit Libya and support Gaddafi.

Another result, part of “game theory” will be to humiliate the alternative media, suckered into supporting Gaddafi, who will prove even less popular than Saddam in the end.  Were there any hope for supporting Gaddafi, the mainstream media would have flocked to his side.  As they had been burned by Wikileaks, they chose to sit this one out with a few exceptions, CNN most notably.

Gaddafi has secretly worked with Israel against Shiite forces in Lebanon since the 1970s.  In 1978, Shiite leader, Moussa al  Sadr “disappeared” during a visit to Libya.  From Huffington Post:

BEIRUT — Hezbollah has called on the Libyan rebels to help uncover the fate of Moussa al-Sadr, a charismatic Shiite cleric who disappeared during a trip to Libya more than 30 years ago in a case that many blame on Moammar Gadhafi.

The mystery of the missing imam remains a burning issue for Shiites in Lebanon, including leaders of the powerful Hezbollah movement. Framed photos of al-Sadr adorn the shops and homes of Lebanese Shiites, and the day he was last seen, on Aug. 31, 1978, is marked annually in Lebanon.

Most of al-Sadr’s followers are convinced Gadhafi ordered al-Sadr killed in a dispute over Libyan payments to Lebanese militias, but the imam’s family argues he could still be alive in a Libyan jail.

Now that Gadhafi’s regime appears to be crumbling, Lebanon’s Shiite militant group Hezbollah told the rebels that the Lebanese “are looking to you” to locate the imam and his traveling companions.

“We are full of hope that they will be freed on your hands and returned to their families,” according to the Hezbollah statement, which was issued late Monday.

Al-Sadr’s family also released a statement addressed to the rebel leadership.

“We appeal to those who will take over in Libya after the collapse of the tyrant to give special attention to this case,” the statement said.

Al-Sadr is one of the pioneers of Shiite empowerment that has become a force across the Middle East, spurred by the 1979 Islamic revolution in Shiite Iran and more recently by the rise to leadership of Iraq’s majority Shiites after U.S. forces ousted Saddam Hussein and his Sunni Muslim-dominated regime.

Since al-Sadr’s disappearance, Libya has always insisted the cleric and his two traveling companions left Tripoli on a flight to Rome and suggested he was a victim of a power struggle among Shiites.

Hezbollah, closely allied to Iran, was involved in a 34 day war with Israel in 2006.  Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets into Israel, used sophisticated Russian weaponry to knock out Israeli tanks and helicopters and captured two Israeli soldiers.  America spent billions supplying Israel during this period, a war many times that of the current Libyan conflict, one that left much of Southern Lebanon uninhabitable because of cluster munitions and depleted uranium supplied by the United States.

Why is Libya, the oft sworn enemy of Israel, involved against Hezbollah, the only military power in the Middle East ever to force Israel to back down?

Why is Libya, the oft sworn enemy of Israel, working against Iran?  Why would Saif run to Israel on a mission to his father the second “Arab Spring” landed on his door?  The truth, the reality is that there is history there, a history never told in the mainstream media, a history between Gaddafi and the CIA, one that protected him for decades and now makes him a target for destruction:

Then we have history, real history, not the imaginary kind rewritten out of convenience. Do you wonder why everyone wants Gaddafi dead?  Of course he bought governments, Britain, France, Italy and, especially, the United States.  Gaddafi, next to Israel, is the biggest gun in the “neocon” Washington arena. He was the darling of Condi Rice, in fact he wanted her as a wife, he loved Bush, Tony Blair and had every right wing think tank on his payroll.

After Bush got into office in 2001, Gaddafi knew he would be around people of similar mind.

History. Gaddafi came to power in 1969, a devout Marxist when oil was cheap as dirt and fewer than 2 million people lived in Libya. He saw himself as a Cold War “centrist” like Tito or Nassar, even Nehru, able to court both sides, survive, prosper and stay independent when nation after nation fell to CIA plots.

The last day or two, I have been communicating with Trowbridge Ford, one of the eras top intelligence analysts. His piece this week on Richard Helms is quite amazing. I was asking him today about Libya.

Its 1969 and Richard Helms sees a big opportunity in courting Gaddafi. Gaddafi has ambition, Gaddafi is a “player.” Gaddafi is charismatic. His ambitions aren’t just in the Arab world but into Africa, a fertile playground for the CIA, where a dozen wars had been managed over the past decade.

We must also remember, Libya was a tiny country in 1969, very little oil revenue, low production, little infrastructure in place and most oil and gas find in Libya yet unimagined.  Oil was dirt cheap then, prior to OPEC and the Oil Embargo tied to the 1973 war.

The west dictated oil prices and, though Gaddafi made noises about control of oil, the prices were still dictated out of Houston and Zurich.

Gaddafi also sat on the Mediterranean, an American lake, our fleet the only fleet, our military the only military, Soviet ambitions in Syria flanked by Turkey (still).

This was a time of political upheaval, Italy and France threatened by communism, Britain “flat broke” and no European Union. America was still bogged down in Vietnam and, as America withdrew, the capabilities built up in Vietnam had to be discarded or put to use elsewhere in new conflicts.

Thus we return to the subject at hand, Colonel Gaddafi, Libya and his new position, now awash with cash, ambitions no longer dependent on Cold War balancing acts or playing games with the CIA’s Richard Helms, his “protector.”

As few know, Gaddafi was a protege of Richard Helms.

Gaddafi needed Helms to survive and Helms needed a place to park CIA assets, as required by war plan contingencies as outlined in the documents we will never see, not unless Jonathan Pollard, Soviet/Israeli master spy had put you on his personal distribution list.  NATO war plans depended on Libya, not as an ally but as an overt foe that would allow covert operations to be staged from Libya, operations against communist forces in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.  In 1969, Gaddafi and Libya had strategic value far beyond any imagined oil reserves.

When the British tried to oust Gaddafi in 1970, a misunderstanding over the IRA. Helms stepped in. Gaddafi was his “golden boy,” worth a dozen petty dictators. Gaddafi had brains and star quality.  His “clownishness” had yet to emerge and Gaddafi was vicious, a quality the United States appreciated in its friends.

The CIA had owned dozens of dictators, the list itself is exhausting. Gaddafi was smart and the partnership was very good for both. Gaddafi had enemies, some around the world. The CIA would handle them and did so readily.

The CIA had a “double game” to play, IRA, Red Brigades, Baader-Meinhof, Black September, PLO, P2-Gladio, a demonstration of force for the KGB, showing them that conquering Western Europe would never be manageable.

However, by 1986, the new CIA, the clone built by Bush with Oliver North and gang, funded by drug money and arms trade with Iran, had pushed Reagan to the point of bombing Tripoli, all in response to false flag attacks orchestrated by a new generation of CIA handlers with a new game, one most conspiracy theorists call the New World Order


Why is all of this important, those lessons we slept through in history, especially the ones near the end of the year when looking out the window was much better than listening in class?  That’s when the 20th century was talked about, if ever.  Sometimes it is simply ignored or rushed through.

There it was and then it was gone.  Something about the Treaty of Versailles making new countries that made no sense, artificial borders that led to generations of war.  Stories about greed and revenge that led to World War 2.  Then things turned into a blur.  The Kennedy’s were killed, Dr. King, the Vietnam War, and from then on everything is about saving Israel from Arab armies.  A line was drawn through history where even the Cold War is forgotten, almost as though the Soviet Union never existed, the Korean War never happened, there was no Cuban Missile Crisis, all history is Israel, the holocaust and Arab terrorists.

Author Jeff Gates calls that “pre-staging,” a form of mind control that has managed to keep America in wars for a decade that nobody remembers quite how they began.

In a few days, we will have a new celebration of 9/11 where we will be reminded.  What we will be told, of course, is fiction, all lies, meant to cover crimes, even start new wars.

47,000 American troops and countless armed mercenaries are still in Iraq, no visible reason we know of.  What does happen there, every day, is terror attacks, car bombs, suicide bombers, all tied to factions that make no sense, attacks that serve no interest other than to push Iraq to keep those tens of thousands of Americans there.

Who does this serve?  It serves whoever stages the attacks that help keep America in Iraq.

Why does America have to occupy Iraq?  The anwer is simple, there can be no attack on Iran without America in control of Iraq.

Plots within plots within plots, oil, bank collapses, manipulation of gold prices, the huge new international drug cartels funding it all and Gaddafi and his tiny country playing their little part to the end, on a stage with players everywhere, too many in masks.

Libyan Kibuki.

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