Libya in Utter Chaos

Three years after torture, assassination of Leader Muammar Qadaffi, North African nation terrorized by NATO-inspired civil war.• Qadaffi’s fate sealed with plan to establish new oil exchange using gold dinars rather than dollar.

By Richard Walker —

As Libya continues to descend into chaos as a result of the interventionist policies of President Barack Hussein Obama, it is hard to imagine it was once the most prosperous and stable country in north Africa.

Obama’s decision in 2011 to attack and ultimately assassinate former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadaffi, who was once an American ally, led to the country being ripped apart. Libya’s military and national police force were devastated and much of the country’s infrastructure, including its lucrative oil industry, was torn asunder.

The world even witnessed the torture and murder of Qadaffi and the killing of one of his sons, who was being held in custody.

Ever since then, militias, many of them allied to terrorists, have fought each other across the country, competing for political power, land and oil resources. They have created a hell for the nation’s 5 million people.

Before Obama unleashed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Qadaffi’s government at the behest of chickenhawks in Washington and corporate entities keen on getting their hands on Libya’s oil, it was a stable, wealthy country.

Qadaffi, for all his apparent craziness, ensured extremist militias did not hold his nation’s destiny in their hands as they do now. He even handed over nuclear materials he had acquired and was considered a stabilizing influence.

Libyans had a system in which water, electricity and education were free. Banks were mandated to provide reasonable loans for people seeking to build or purchase homes. In terms of travel outside Libya, it was one of the few countries in Africa that, instead of limiting movement beyond the country’s borders, offered generous grants for people wishing to study abroad. Gas was free, of course, meaning Libyans overall had a better lifestyle than their neighbors in countries like Egypt.

Qadaffi was indeed a dictator like many others in north Africa and the Middle East, but that did not justify removing him from power. Nevertheless, Obama and his NATO allies had been hoping for an opportunity to take him down. The so-called Arab Spring provided one. The moment unrest began in Libya, Washington, London and Paris exploited it by funding and arming militias so they could seize control of cities like Benghazi.

As Libya now descends further into chaos, with daily violence across the country and no effective government, Obama and his allies have left it to its deadly fate, watching as Egypt and other Arab nations contribute to the growing turmoil in major centers like Benghazi and Tripoli.

Despite denials, Egypt and Arab nations, including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, have been supporting different militia groups within Libya. Egypt, which fears the most extreme elements in Libya are flowing across its borders, has secretly sent special forces into Libya and has bombed Libyan militias it deemed a threat. This latest intervention has contributed to instability.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s response to Libya’s crisis is that only Libyans can solve their nation’s problems. In light of the fact Obama created the mess, Kerry’s comment has to be considered not only cynical but grossly insulting. The fact is Libyans can’t bring an end to the slaughter and the internecine warfare that now defines their lives. The country was stable until NATO decided to tear it apart.

An East European intelligence source, who has spoken to this newspaper before about the Middle East, said Moscow knew Washington was determined to remove Qadaffi from power and it was not only about the country’s oil reserves.

“It was clear to the Kremlin that what sealed Qadaffi’s fate was his plan to establish a new oil exchange through which African nations could use gold dinars rather than the dollar,” he said. “The exchange would have hurt Western oil giants and also the currencies of the United States, Britain and France, the three nations that brought about his downfall.”

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