Liberating East Ghouta, Syria’s Last US-Supported Terrorist Enclave


On February 25, Syrian forces began their offensive to liberate the last major US-supported terrorist enclave in the country.
Impressive progress was made after nine days of fighting, around one-third of East Ghouta liberated, supported by Russian airpower, care taken to minimize civilian casualties.
According to AMN news, Syrian forces nearly split East Ghouta in half, the same strategy used to liberate East Aleppo in 2016.
US-supported terrorists in the enclave are being systematically defeated. Reinforced Syrian forces are heading for the heart of territory they control.
East Ghouta’s liberation is just a matter of time. Washington is frantic, a White House statement saying:

“The United States condemns the ongoing military offensive that (Assad), backed by Russia and Iran, is perpetrating against the people of Eastern Ghouta,” adding:
Russian forces are “kill(ing) innocent civilians under the false auspices of counterterrorism operations” – a bald-faced lie.

Separately, a White House readout of Trump’s March 2 calls to Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron

“called on Russia to stop bombing East Ghouta, to compel (Assad) to halt offensive operations against civilian areas, and to hold Syria accountable for the deteriorating human rights conditions in East Ghouta, caused in part by (Assad’s) continued use of chemical weapons, attacks on civilians, and blocking of humanitarian aid.”

Fact: Unanimously adopted Security Council Resolution 2401 permits continued military operations against ISIS, Al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, and elements connected them during a 30-day ceasefire through late March.
Fact: US-supported terrorists in East Ghouta are killing and brutalizing civilians held captive as human shields. Syria’s campaign aims to liberate them, along with ending their ability to shell Damascus, a noble operation deserving high praise, not condemnation.
Fact: US-supported terrorists alone used CWs numerous times throughout the war, not Syria.
Fact: These elements are preventing humanitarian aid from reaching civilians in need – not Syria or Russia.
The White House statement turned truth on its head – ignoring US-led high crimes against Syria and its people!
East Ghouta could be liberated in weeks or sooner. As always, the wild card is what Washington may do.
Will US forces intervene to prevent East Ghouta’s liberation? Will Israeli terror-bombing try to halt the advance of Syrian troops?
On Sunday, Netanyahu arrived in Washington for a five-day US visit. He’ll meet with Trump and other administration officials on Monday before addressing the annual AIPAC conference.
Last week, the White House put Russia “on notice,” regarding its East Ghouta campaign with Syria.
It’ll continue until the enclave is liberated. It’s unclear what the Trump administration intends next.
If US and/or Israeli warplanes attack Syrian forces in East Ghouta, will Russia defend them or do nothing?
Separately on Sunday, Russian reconciliation center in Syria spokesman General Yuri Zolotukhinsaid terrorists in East Ghouta announced a curfew for civilians during daily five-hour humanitarian pauses – threatening to punish anyone violating them.
Rallies and other forms of resistance were also prohibited – these actions taken to prevent anyone fleeing for safety to government-controlled areas.
Only two children managed to escape captivity so far. On Sunday, Assad issued a statement saying:

“We will continue to fight terrorism…(T)he Ghouta operation is a continuation of the fight against terrorism. There is no contradiction between a truce and combat operations.”
“The progress achieved yesterday and the day before in Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army was made during this truce.”
“Therefore we must continue with the operation in parallel with opening the way for civilians to leave. (They) from (freedom) terrorists’ hands.”

He accused Washington and its rogue allies of operating as an air force for ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists in the country – on the phony pretext of combating them.
Meeting on Sunday with Iranian Foreign Ministry special assistant for political affairs Hussein Jabri Ansari and his delegation, Assad said Syrians alone will decide their political future, free from foreign interference, adding:

“We have not started from Ghouta. We have started since the first day in combating terrorism in every place.”
“We have started in Aleppo, Homs and Deir Ezzor. The operation in Ghouta is a continuation of combating terrorism in different places.”

It’ll proceed until US-supported terrorists are eliminated and Syrians are again free from their scourge.

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