The Guardian,

30 September 2010

[from Letters]

• Mordechai Vanunu has been held in Israel, in and out of prison, for 24 years. Since his release from Ashkelon prison in 2004, where he spent 18 years, over 11 of them in solitary confinement, he has been subjected to repressive restrictions and constant harassment and numerous arrests. Despite this ongoing, oppressive treatment Mordechai has remained resilient and determined to survive.

Now, as an example of his courage and resolve, he wants to mark the date of his brutal kidnapping by Mossad agents, from Rome, exactly 24 years ago today. Mordechai is asking all his sympathisers and supporters who are on Facebook to write on their pages as well as communicate worldwide a call for “Freedom for Vanunu, now”. Mordechai should be allowed to leave Israel as he wishes, and perhaps this appeal can help achieve his full freedom.

Ernest Rodker


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