Residents of a town near the border say tensions are rising.“Hatay is becoming a city of war because of Erdogan’s policies,” Akin Bodur, a local journalist, said by telephone.Now Erdogan’s freedom to do as he pleases on the Syria issue will be limited, some analysts say.

On Syria, Erdogan’s “wings have been clipped,” said Osman Faruk Logoglu, a deputy chairman of the opposition Republican People’s Party and a former ambassador to the United States.That was evident, Logoglu said, when the United States said the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons, crossing a “red line” that President Obama had set. “Normally [Erdogan] would have said this is the time to take more action against Syria.
We haven’t seen that.” The domestic pressure may actually push Erdogan to be less, not more cautious, in his desire to push Assad from power, Barkey said, and lead Turkey to push arms shipments toward the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, the best-organized rebel fighting group in Syria.“The danger to me is, will he decide this has lasted too long and help whoever is able to fight?” Barkey said.

 A Spark Thrown into a Gunpowder Keg: A European Perspective on the Bomb Attacks in Hatay http://researchturkey.org/wp/wordpress/?p=3412 Mr. Memet Kılıç, Federal MP for the German Green Party – June 2013
Experts state that Turkey is now facing an equation that has many unknown factors, and they are united in agreement of the relevance of Cicero’s question: “Cui bono?” – in other words; “To whose benefit?”When looking for an answer to this question, the experts say it is necessary to look to those who would benefit from Turkey entering into a war with Syria.As one expert puts it, “It is clear that the two blasts within 15 minutes of each other seem to bear the hallmarks of al-Qaida. At the very least, it is not the work of amateurs. It raises the suspicion that there are people who are trying to kill many birds with one stone. In addition to the Salafis, who believe they are engaged in jihad on the Syrian border, there are also terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra).
This group, which is in conflict with the Alawite population of the town, may not only be targeting the Alawite people with a bomb attack, but could also be attempting to pull Turkey and the United States into a land war.”[[[[[[[Another expert says, “It is not only al-Nusra that wants Turkey to enter into a war with Syria; the government in Turkey wants it, too. The AKP government has given every possible green light to America.”]]]] An expert on international terrorism says, “There is a common saying in Turkey: ‘If you harbour terrorists, terror will come back to you’ The truth of this has been proved.” The fact that the refugee camps have been kept off limits to international aid organisations strengthens suspicions that terrorists have taken shelter there, too. 
The determination to keep aid organisations at a distance also means a renunciation of help from the United Nations and other European countries. It is known that Turkey requested a field hospital from Germany but did not give permission for German personnel to come. It has been said that Germany responded by saying that these hospitals could only provide services with their specialist personnel and that that was the reason why Germany did not supply the hospital to Turkey.
Turkey’s irrational behaviour gives the impression that the country does not want injured terrorists to be seen by the outside world.I will end this statement with the following point: Prime Minister Erdoğan’s words, “They are trying to draw us into a script that ends badly” – are interpreted by one expert as follows: “Erdoğan himself is both one of the scriptwriters and one of the extras in this amateur script that does not end well.”
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