Let’s End The Nazi Tie-That-Binds


Let’s End The Israeli Tie-That-Binds

By Philip Giraldi

For those American Jews and Christian Zios who persist in their deep affection for Israel and choose to look the other way even as it tortures, kills, removes human organs and steals, I seriously ask for examples of Israel actually doing anything good for the United States and for the American people.

What benefit does it provide in return for its constant interference in the U.S. political system and economy that nets it the many billions of dollars handed to it by the U.S. Treasury, billions more allowed as “charitable contributions,” and still billions more given in the form of coproduction projects and trade concessions?

What is the return for Washington trashing its own good name by protecting Israel in international fora like the United Nations, as has been occurring in spades since Nikki Haley appeared on the scene? When has Israel ever apologized or made amends for its virtually incessant spying on the U.S. and its thefts of American technology?

USS Liberty
Torpedo Hole in USS Liberty made by Israel

And what about the attack on the USS Libertyfifty years ago which killed 34 Americans? The dwindling number of crew members are still waiting for an official inquiry that would make clear what Israel did on that day in June.

And finally, what would be the net gain for the U.S. if it gets prodded into a war with Iran in which it could quite plausibly lose an aircraft carrier or two while making traveling Americans prime targets for a new wave of terror attacks?

The sad part is that it might be too late already. The Israeli media is reporting that Trump and Netanyahu have signed a secret agreementto actively target and go after Iran over its alleged military programs. A war in which Americans will fight and die, not Israelis, is certainly being planned behind the scenes.

What I am arguing is that there is absolutely no national interest that compels Washington to do anything for Israel. The U.S. should pull the plug on the phony “special relationship” with Netanyahu and his nest of vipers. Let’s make a firm resolution to work hard to accomplish just that.

Let’s boycott businesses and sport franchises whose owners are particularly fond of Israel’s settlements to send the message that there are consequences. Let’s talk about Israel, to be sure, but without the self-imposed censorship in the media and not through the mouths of the numerous gatekeepers that head so-called peace organizations, nor through the bought and paid congress-critters. Nor from the White House, which is rapidly becoming little more than a reliable echo chamber for Israeli interests.

Let’s tell it like it is. If Americans are exposed to the hard truths about Israel, it is hard to imagine that they will want to associate with it in any capacity. Cut the tie that binds and do it now.

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