Let Them Eat


by mantiqaltayr

A couple of thoughts as the American New Year begins this evening.
1. In general the many protests that have taken place since the “discovery” of a 13 minute or so trailer of  the “Innocence of Muslims” are manifestations of the Muslim world’s general disgust at the utterly appalling murderous and illegal policies of the United States with respect to Muslims around the world and at home in the US.  While charlatans and outright terrorists have exploited the movie – in ways entirely predictable and no doubt intended by those behind the film – if not for the absolute shit treatment the US has dished out for years and years to the Palestinians, Egyptians, Iranians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Syrians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and pretty much everybody else, the demonstrations would have been far fewer and much smaller.  Yeah, lots of people around the world think we suck and for good reason while Americans run around like Maria Antoinette saying, in essence, “Let them eat shit.”
2.  I’m sure Ed Husain means well but his condescending idiotic article on CNN speaks volumes. I’ve got news for you folks, whatever the educational problems may be in the Muslim world, tons and tons of Arabs and others understand what’s going on much much much and ever more much better than most Americans. Many of their middle class folks and their elites are far, far better educated than their counterparts are here in the US and they are linguistically so far ahead that monolingual Zionist-bullshit-fed Americans will never ever be able to catch up. They read, watch and hear news and analysis routinely in Arabic, English and French – at the very least. They, and I know this will be hard for you to believe, do know what the Internet is and they use it to read about the United States in English.
How many of you can read about them in ANY language outside of English, never mind a language that many Muslims speak, like Arabic, or Urdu, or Farsi or Indonesian. Pretty damn few of you.  They know what democracy is, it’s not some subtle hard-to-grasp concept like the Trinity which is essentially a suicide pact between God, himself and his son – pretty sophisticated by Western standards, I guess, but I digress.  In fact, Arab intellectuals, Muslim or Christian or Druze or whatever, are much more aware that most Americans are of what a bogus Wall-Street and Zionist controlled system we have here in the US and they know that your voice doesn’t count for shit.
They know that their voices where they live don’t count for shit either, the only difference is finally tons of them have gotten up off their asses to try to do something about it, usually being met with indifference at best, and violent hostility at worst, by, well by the United States and its Zabaniyyah, a motley collection of the democracies you all claim you love so much along with the medieval fascist GCC countries and a nice collection of religious kooks and terrorists – Christian, Jewish and Muslim, all working together.
Happy New Year.

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