…Two hand grenades thrown in Ayen Helweh 
At midnight anonymous attackers threw two hand grenades at the vegetable market inside Ayen Helweh Camp targeting a group of Palestinian youth celebrating the New Year, NNA correspondent reported.No casualties resulted from the attack.
[ed notes;FSA has been attacking palestinian refugee camps in lebanon,syria nonstop…not even a month ago mind you ,at same camp Ain al-Hilweh shooting targets PFLP-GC  The Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon experienced yet another tense episode overnight Thursday, with shots being fired at the office of a leading pro-Syrian faction…. But sources familiar with the incident told The Daily Star that three masked men, one of whom had been armed with a silencer-equipped pistol, fired shots at the PFLP-GC office and then fled as the office’s guards returned fire.The sources said that one of the attackers passed on a verbal message during the encounter, saying that he and his comrades were “from the Free Syrian Army.”

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