Lebanon: Basil repeats the experience of Bashir Al-Jamil

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By: Adel Samara

In Lebanon, the war of popular protection is required to protect the resistance, and in order not to put all the burden on it in response to American agents, one individual from the top until the soldier who guarded and drove the agent Fakhoury to the American enemy embassy. What is required of every Lebanese who is not a client to take the initiative to punish and take revenge on those who contributed to this. 

I remember from a long, warm interview between Basil and a female broadcaster when he said: “I have no problem with Israel.” Basil was founding to be president of Lebanon in the same way as Bashir Gemayel, but according to the climate. So I think that what is required of everyone who is not a client is to initiate some action to protect Lebanon in order not to be eliminated from clients before America and the entity.

Every person does not stand against America’s attack on the world by the war of trade against China and the sanctions even on the countries that Corona, i.e. Iran and Venezuela, and the war of terrorism against Syria and oil terrorism against Yemen are killed. Of popular globalization resistance.
Indeed, the expansion of America’s trade war and sanctions, along with the spread of Corona, increases the suspicion that the American system is behind the Corona epidemic.

Note: If Fakhoury was of this importance as a torture expert, he might have been taken to the Zionist entity.
Every citizen must be a leader in the People’s Protection War. My article has been republished here:
– The e-Bulletin

Sixteenth year – Issue
August 18 4234 , 2016

To win, do not search for a hero … be a hero or let them work
dr. Adel Samara

Do not contribute to the loss of the issue … in the chaos of delusional struggles and remember that “the weapon of criticism does not substitute for criticizing arms” if we do not defeat the opportunists and merchants of the country in the field, until now, because they are supported by the counter-revolution, let us defeat them by triggering awareness and the power of rhetoric by establishing a critical awareness.

However, it is not more dangerous to the sacred issues than the internal self-defect in its bearers when they are unable to fulfill what they promised, and they insist on the sites and interests they have reached, so they lose the spirit of humility and the decision to clear the way for those who are worse and deeper honest.

It is not clear from this in the Palestinian arena, especially where some exploit the sanctity of the issue to pass lies, slogans, nicknames and mock heroics absolutely, relying on, or even exploiting, the sanctity of the issue with the Arabs and the honorable reluctance of his nudity, criticism and revelation.

The case will be the loser of the prosecutors’ prolongation, shame and hesitation of the honorable, and collective awareness is lost, of course, in this gray case.

And because the truth must always be told to the people, and the sacrifice must be endured if the country is the goal, it must be revealed who twist the necks of historical facts and even the current so that they will be “championships” that did not happen, or take advantage of the heroics of our people (the young uprising now) in order to support Their sites and role are completely bankrupt. And silence upon them would be a betrayal of people’s awareness, and of course a liquidation of the national and national cause.

Duty is most urgent today, when normalization is fighting you in every respect. The catastrophe is more severe when opportunists take advantage of this situation, so they take advantage of social media to create structures, forces, and solidarity committees with Syria and Yemen … etc, and leaders that do not even exist on paper, i.e. on the web, not weaker than the cobweb.

The most dangerous relationship against the Palestinian issue is in that communication / cross pollination between two teams:
• Palestinians in the occupied territories exploit the sanctity of the cause, suggesting to the outside that they are with attendance, action, and history of surnames that amaze the Arabs.
• Palestinians and Arabs are bankrupt, conscious, and struggling, and with a degree of simplicity and lack of awareness that they imagine the illusion as a hero !!

The first team, the Palestinian, made up of individuals without a balance or history, and perhaps they have dangerous question marks, take advantage of the thirst of the outside for a “hero” who looked for victory and his ignorance in the square, because he is keen to remain a leader and sanctifies the “heroes / heroes” of the screens. And what is easier to rise visibility and awareness by deceiving the image.

And the second team, the Arab and Palestinian diaspora, and they are searching for the hero to face the enormous challenges against the Arab nation, and when they do not find the hero looking for him in the occupied land, he / she will come out to them, realizing their predicament, riding the moment and attributing to himself roles and titles that have no balance and have nothing to do with the existing ones Such as:

The Defense Committee for Syria, for Yemen, the United National Front, Statement No. 1, and many of these are lettered with the dangerous letter (D). Much of this craft has been coined to buy titles from American commercial universities or a room in the Netherlands, much like an academic Mock room in America and the Netherlands with (Mock) Oman.
It would be nice if the honorable Arabs and Palestinians in the diaspora pay attention to victory. If you do not win, do not search for a hero, then you are the hero, or give way to those who qualify for the struggle, and do not look after fake persons who can help you in deceiving you because they are coming from Palestine, and its truth cannot be revealed even though that is not an impossible matter.

Palestinians in the Diaspora are in a state of struggle unemployment. They receive the coming from the occupied land as a hero and a saint and drive it to the Arabs, especially the resistance and resistance camp, and Arabs also fall into it. They show heroes and struggles.

But the shame is that the enemy knows all this, mocks it and turns it into self-confidence. Unfortunately, the occupation knows that all this is a lie. The invaders of Syria, Yemen, and Libya know that most solidarity committees are intangible lines in spider networks.
It would be nice if those outside knew that their involvement in media delusion about the issue does not help the issue, but rather disturbs it, because the facts must appear.

It is necessary to stop the communication and dialogue of the Al-Mazayem and the search for championships, which will allow the rascals of the stage of the sexes to ride the country.

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One thought on “Lebanon: Basil repeats the experience of Bashir Al-Jamil

  1. It is ironic that in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic andGiven that Beirut airport and all sea and land ports are closed, the US embassy in Lebanon manage to smuggle Amer Khouri out of Lebanon oabord US military Helicopter. I am not sure what they mean. Get smuggled to Cyprus on a sailboat?

    A U.S. Marine Osprey was seen taking off from the U.S. Embassy in Aukar, northeast of Beirut, Lebanon, on March 19, 2020.

    Even the Israeli daily Haaretz referred to Khouri evading justic with this headline story, The ‘Butcher’ Who Fled Lebanon in a U.S. Helicopter.

    A US embassy staff have stated that Ahmer Fakhouri was a top priority for us and to for the US State Department. This act by the Trump Administration was clear violation of Lebanon sovereignty.

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