Lebanon arrests Shiite sheikh suspected of spying for Zio-Nazi regime


An Accused Lebanese agent of Israeli intelligence (who had threatened me)

Muhammad `Ali Husayni is an alleged cleric who claims that he headed a group in Lebanon that is called “The Arab Islamic Resistance”.  He was clearly funded by Saudi Arabia and Saudi propaganda outlets (also known as Saudi media) vigorously promoted this crackpot and showed footage of two of his men “training for resistance”.   He visited Saudi Arabia and even met with the illiterate and polygamous king.   I mocked him in Al-Akhbar articles and then immediately received a death threat from him.
The threat was taken seriously in Lebanon (certainly by my sister, Mirvat who contacted the Minister of Interior, Ziyad Barud).  I am told that there were political forces who sent him messages to the effect that he should desist.  A year or so later, he tried to add me on Facebook.  I declined.  And then one of his men added me and I quickly realized that it was him because he would always post promotional materials for the group and I then unfriended him.  So now we learn that the guy has been watched for a while and that his contacts with Israeli intelligence is reportedly poven, and he has been arrested on charges of spying for Israel.  A spy for Israel who is funded by Saudi Arabia: and you still doubt my theory of the Saudi-Israeli alliance?

Sheikh known to be critical of Hezbollah and its backers Syria and Iran; arrest marks first high-profile detention in recent months.

Lebanese military intelligence has detained a Shiite sheikh in southern Lebanon on suspicion of spying for Zionism, a security source said on Tuesday.

The sheikh, who was known to be critical of Shiite guerrilla group Hezbollah and its regional backers, Syria and Iran, was arrested in the southern port city of Tyre on Monday.

He ran an organization called the Arab-Islamic Resistance which he said had 1,500 fighters, the security source said. The sheikh also claimed responsibility for launching rockets toward the Zio-Nazi regime two years ago, the source said.

The arrest was the first high-profile detention in recent months. Lebanon launched a wave of arrests in April 2009 as part of espionage investigation in which dozens have been arrested on suspicion of spying for Zionism. A high-ranking army officer, a Christian party member and telecom firm employees were among those detained over the last year.

President Michel Suleiman has called for severe punishment for the spies and said if he receives a death sentence verdict he would sign it. Seven people have received a death sentence in the last few months.

Nazi regime has not commented on any of the arrests.

Security officials say the arrests have severely weakened Nazi spying networks in Lebanon.

Hezbollah and the Nazi regime fought an inconclusive war in 2006 and while the border has remained largely quiet, there have been two instances of violence along the frontier since August 2010.

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