Lavrentiev: Terrorist organizations control most of Idleb Province and they must be combated

Moscow calls for respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity

15 August، 2019

Atmospheres of joy return to villages liberated from terrorism in Homs countryside

15 August، 2019

SANA’s camera tours Tal al-Sakhir liberated town in Idleb southern countryside , documents brutality of terrorists who destroyed silos completely

15 August، 2019

Nursultan – SANA, Head of the Russian delegation to the Astana talks, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that terrorist organizations control most areas of Idleb Province and are kidnapping thousands of Syrians and taking them hostages, underlining the need to deal with these organizations.

In a press conference held after the 13th round of the Astana talks on the settling the crisis in Syria, Lavrentiev clarified that the USA is increasing the number of its illegitimate forces in Syria in spite of the US President’s declaration of the withdrawal of the US forces from Syria, expressing hope that Washington will reconsider its acts and withdraw its illegitimate forces from Syria.

Lavrentiev stressed the importance of Astana formula in finding a political solution to crisis in Syria, eradicating terrorism and facilitating the return of the displaced Syrians to their country, urging the international community to facilitate their return after the Syrian state has created the convenient circumstances for that.

He also called upon the international organizations to provide help in the reconstruction process.

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