Kimberly Amatullah: The Kossover CONnection

Written by Michael Langston :

Kimberly Amatullah’s Facebook friendship with ultra-Zionist Reuven Kossover tells us everything we need to know about Amatullah’s alleged support of Palestinians. When Kossover refers to Palestinians, he puts the name in quotes and says “Palestinian” terrorists must die and that the “evil” must be cleansed from the land that God promised the children of Israel. He also advocates “making Gaza howl” by cutting off food, water, electricity, and oil.
No true supporter of Palestine would EVER befriend and find common ground with such a staunch ultra-Zionist. Kimberly “Amatullah” is NOT a true supporter of Palestine. If her prior record of slandering, attacking, and harassing TRUE friends of Palestine such as Ken O’Keefe and his supporters is not ample proof of her treachery, then her friendship with this Zionist EXTREMIST most certainly is.

Note Kimberly Amatullah’s friendship with this Zionist extremist and how she seems to peacefully coexist and fit in nicely with all the Zionist extremism exhibited on his page:


Note also how this flaming Zionist friend of “Amatullah” rushes to her defense by insulting and threatening not only Siraj Davis, but the editor at as well and how Amatullah herself calls this true advocate of Palestine a “loser” and thereby also insults him, while loving what her Zionist friend said:
“I’m gonna have fun with this. It may take a bit to work it out, but these lying shits at “” are going to wish they never published that all-points bulletin!! And Kimberly – you were advised – wisely so – to sue the son of of [sic] bitch for defamation of character. Go for it! There’s money (while money has any meaning – you may want to sue for a pound of flesh) to be made off this shithead, Siraj. And in calling him a shithead, I’m insulting shit!” – Reuven Kossover
“He is a loser and in the UK.” – Kimberly “Amatullah”


Now, most of this flaming Zionist’s posts have become mysteriously inaccessible. Is this in response to what I have just posted? Is he feverishly attempting to hide his extremist Zionist views? Inquiring minds would like to know with absolute certainty, but it’s a pretty sure bet that this is exactly what has just happened.
I’ve apparently now been blocked by this Zionist (who calls himself a “Hebrew nationalist”). What is it, I wonder, that “Hebrew nationalism” actually entails? Could it be theft of Palestinian land and massive persecution and oppression of the Palestinian people that underlies this so-called Hebrew nationalism?
Amatullah’s post on her wall showing her shameful connection to the ultra-Zionist Kossover has now also mysteriously disappeared from view. Is there a cover-up in the works, a well orchestrated cover-up involving the simultaneous machinations of both of these individuals? It seems that a cover-up of the evidence is certainly being attempted, but it will be an ineffectual one since we have the screenshots.
Kimberly “Amatullah,” like her friend Catherine Myles, who hijacked Ken O’Keefe’s Trade Not Aid mission to Gaza and who, according to Ken O’Keefe, took personal control of a large sum of money intended for the children of Gaza, claims, like her friend Catherine Myles, to be a friend and ally of the Palestinian cause and supporter of the oppressed people of Gaza.
But what exactly would Amatullah’s ultra-Zionist ISRAELI friend and staunch supporter REUVEN KOSSOVER do about Gaza? In his own words, this is what Amatullah’s good friend and defender Reuven Kossover would do:
“Occupy the Philadelphi Corridor, cut off ALL food, water, electricity and oil – and blockade the coast so that fishing is a problem. After a while, rats and seawater will make anybody lethargic – even in pursuing the great dream of exterminating the evil Jews. ‘Make Georgia howl!’ was the watchword of General Sherman in 1864. ‘Make Gaza howl!’ needs to be ours now. However, aside from the soldiers in the Philadelphi Corridor, NO Israeli should risk his life over Gaza.” – Reuven Kossover
Ken O’Keefe has proposed doing everything possible to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza so that the people of Gaza can conduct free trade. Yet Kimberly “Amatullah,” who claims to be a supporter of Gaza, is one of Ken O’Keefe’s most vociferous and outspoken enemies.
Reuven Kossover, however, proposes instead to STARVE the people of Gaza by depriving them of needed food and water. And Kimberly “Amatullah” is the enemy of Ken O’Keefe and this guy’s FRIEND? What in heaven’s name is wrong with this picture?

“Are we really protecting the Jewish settlement enterprise in Israel – or are we trying to snuff it out? Are we officially boycotting Europeans and others who boycott us? Are we sending assassins to get rid of the liars who defame us?” – Reuven Kossover
What truly sane and responsible pro-Palestinian activist could possibly “understand,” be “true friends” with, and make “peace” with a Zionist extremist such as Kossover, someone who advocates not only a continuation of the unconscionable theft of Palestinian land by means of the “Jewish settlement enterprise,” but also openly suggests sending “assassins” to get rid of alleged “liars” who dare to disagree with Zionist policies and who “defame” (speak the truth about) Israel? It boggles the mind, and indeed no TRUE pro-Palestinian activist could possibly be a friend and ally of a blatant Zionist EXTREMIST such as this.
“You are engaging in Libel and Defamation. It is not your right to make assumptions, and your mock courtroom will end with you in a courtroom. Last warning.” – Scott Tucker

This threat issued by Scott Tucker, who allegedly is the “brother” of Kimberly “Amatullah,” has indeed been carried out. I haven’t yet been dragged into an actual courtroom, but I HAVE been “reported” to Facebook, and as a result, I have now been banned from posting for a period of 30 days. Such is the price one pays for speaking the truth, and it’s a price I’m perfectly willing to pay because the truth really matters.




Make no mistake about who is and is not the victim in this situation. Even though Israel and apologists for Israel such as Kossover would like us to THINK that Israel is the innocent victim of Palestinian “terrorism,” Israel is one hundred percent to blame for the strife in that region and is, in fact, the VICTIMIZER.
And exactly as is the case with the state of “Israel,” Kimberly “Amatullah” and Scott Tucker are not the innocent victims either. They have not been unjustly blocked by Facebook as I have, as a direct result of THEM unjustly reporting ME. They have not been “libeled.” And they have not been “slandered.” THEY are the ones who have been doing all the lying, slandering, attacking, harassing, and threatening, while their victims have simply been telling the TRUTH about it. THEY, Scott Tucker and Kimberly “Amatullah,” are the victimizers.
And just as with Israel, they are one hundred percent in the wrong here, one hundred percent guilty, and one hundred percent to blame.

2 thoughts on “Kimberly Amatullah: The Kossover CONnection

  1. The sad thing is……
    Kossover is making such a big fuss over this by threatening people about this article with his Zionist buddies. He has only seen the panorama of the tip of the iceberg before the clouds clear and he sees just how wide this collaboration between Kim and others goes.
    We have just stirred the Zionist’s nest, be aware of the hornets running all around trying to sting us individually.
    TRUTH, JUSTICE, and PEACE for Palestine

  2. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

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