Killing of two innocent Afghans by American Troops



by Zabi Rashidi


Killing of two innocent Afghans by American Troops

Northern Region Balkh, Afghanistan


  • Haji Aminullah

  • Neighbor Khdim Hossian

  • Incident house of Khedim Hossian at 2:10pm

  • Date:  28/08/2010

  • Location: Projzha S (S Project) Zerhat District Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province

At mentioned above date two innocent Afghan civilians were killed by American troops.

According to people living in the district the two persons were identified as Mohammad Jawad 26 and Khadem Hossian 50.

They were performing duties as watchmen to patrol shops for which they used to earn some wages. Understandably, they had spent more than 10 years and lived among the community in the same district. According to the residents they were honest and hardworking people therefore, people had selected them as night watchmen. Shopkeepers used to pay 30-50 Afghanis per (month) to each of them and they were the very poor residents of the zerahat district too. The residents were saying that there was no any complain about the characters and personalities of these two persons. District residents were very happy from them. The district resident became so aggressive on American whos troops for conducting such unacceptable acts in Afghanistan. The district residents were saying” we want government, United Nations, human rights organizations to bring those to justice who killed Mohd Jawad and Khadem Hossian.

The people of the district added that when the American arrived in the area, they called stop on Jawad and Khadem Hossian. Mr.Hossian and Jawad on that time both of them were carry hunting rifle with them, both Jawad and Hossian put down their guns and put their hands up the wall .At that moment the American troops started firing on both of them and both were martyred. The American troops right away left the area. Later it was noticed both Jawad and Khadem death bodies had more than 30 bullets singes on each of them.

Whilst the Afghan government, world community, international organizations claim that purpose of bringing the international troop to Afghanistan is Peace….

Subsequent that incident up to now, nor justice and judicial bodies of Afghan government human rights commission, neither America military stationed in Balkh did not investigate on the matter.


My name is Fatima; I am wife of Khadem Hossian.I am 35 years old. I have 7 children that 3 of them are girls and 4 of them were boys. My elder son is Feroz Jan, who is 12 years old. My innocent husband was killed by ruthless American soldiers. Presently we don’t have anyone in our house to feed us and also my children are all small kids.

The only person who was financing our family was my husband Khadem Hossian that was cruelly killed by Americans. I want from Afghan government, United Nations, world community and particularly Obama to bring the killers of my husband to justice and punish them.

Moreover, I want from national and international bodies to help me and my children so that to survive and educate my children. I am sick and despite poor economy I go to people house for laundering to wash clothes to earn some money to buy a few loaves of bread even not sufficient for my children.

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