Kerry threatens sanctions on Ukraine ‘to create the environment of compromise’



Kerry flexes his New World Order muscles yet again, threatening to team up with allies to force an outcome

By Shepard Ambellas

Serious talks will begin between the U.S. and allies regarding the current situation and violence in the Ukraine.
Secretary of State John Kerry said in a meeting Wednesday, “All of us are deeply disturbed by the scenes of violence and the levels of abuse […] our hearts going out to the citizens of the Ukraine for what is happening.” Kerry then went on to offer Viktor Yanukovych, the president of the Ukraine, an ultimatum.
Kerry requested that Yanukovych make a choice. “We believe the choice is clear”, stated Kerry.
“We are convinced there is still space […] The violence can be avoided and the aspirations of the people of Ukraine can be met through that dialogue”, Kerry continued.

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