Hi All
Also, on Thursday Sammi Ibrahim of UNity FM has invited Roger Godsiff MP Labour party to
discuss Palestine on his politics show. It would be good if people can ring the radio
between 5 and 6 pm on thursday the 10th June 2010 (tel no: 0121 772
8892 Unity Fm) you can also text your question on 07926843388 –
The issues in partuicular to raise with him would be why the Labour
government was soft on Israel when the Israel used British passport to
kill a Hamas leader. Also, the cover the West has provided to the
Israelis has encouraged them to violate international law and kill
innocent activists providing aid to Palestinians. What is the stance of
the Labourt Party now on UN enquiry into the killings? Has he signed
the early day motions on the flotilla ?
During this week Israel killed further 4 Palestinians on the Gaza coast.
We need to keep the pressure on our elected leaders so please ring where you can –

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