Kashmir Solidarity Day on 3 October 2019

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According to the BJP, Operation Kashmir has been the biggest achievement so far of Modi 2.0. Admittedly, vast sections of the general public got swayed in favour of this supposedly complete integration of Kashmir with India, and initially it was difficult to find many takers for our bold opposition to this despotic step of the Modi government. But now as more and more people wake up to the reality of growing mass resentment and massive violation of democratic rights in Kashmir valley and international opposition to Indian state’s unilateral violation of the historical and constitutional conditions of Kashmir’s merger withMore

adivasi yatra up

Adivasi Rights Yatra concludes with Conference at Sonbhadra

The Adivasi Rights and Justice Yatra led by party State Secretary Comrade Sudhakar Yadav reached Chowkia, Duhur, Manaur, Tiyari and other villages in Jamalpur Block (Mirzapur District) on 26-27 August 2019. Everywhere the Yatra was welcomed by the poor, who shared their troubles and sorrows with the people.

The Adivasi Rights and Justice Yatra culminated in an Adivasi Rights conference on 7 September 2019 at Robertsganj Kutchery Complex in Sonbhadra. Party General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya was the main speaker at the conference.More


Memorial Meetings For Comrade Arun Singh

ASankalp Sabha (Memorial Meeting) was organized at Garhani Block Maidan on 31 August 2019 against the killing of CPI(ML) and Kisan leader Arun Singh and against the increasing incidents of feudal attacks in Agiaon Assembly constituency.

The meeting was addressed by main speaker Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya, CC members Manoj Manzil and Raju Yadav, Tarari MLA Sudama Prasad, RYA State President Ajit Kushwaha, Insaf Manch State Secretary Qayamuddin Ansari, AIPWA District Secretary Indu Singh, Arun Singh’s son Anshu Singh and others.More

mid day meal kolkata

Mid-day Meal Workers Protest in Kolkata

29 August 2019, Defying heavy rain and inclement weather, thousands and thousands of Mid day meal workers’ marched through the main thoroughfare and two rallies, one from Sealdah & the other from Howrah Station culminated at Hogg Street, adjacent to the main building of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, where this massive gathering took place.More


Victory for Ordnance Factory Workers

80,000 workers of the Ordnance Factories who had been on a one-month strike since 20 August 2019 called off their strike on the 6th day after the BJP government bowed under pressure and withdrew the decision of corporatization and privatisation of the Ordnance Factories. Thus the workers forced the government, drunk with power based on brute majority in Parliamentarian, to surrender.

Following the Ordnance Factory strike, labour leaders held talks with the government after which the strike was called off with effect from 6 am on the morning of 26 August 2019; therefore, the program scheduled for 27 August 2019More

370 delhi

‘Stand With Jammu And Kashmir’ Protests All Over India

Protests broke out all over India against the Modi Government coup which dissolved the state of Jammu and Kashmir and abrogated Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.More

Netaji indoor 30 July 2019

Unite And Resist Convention At Kolkata

“We won’t let the communal fascist RSS destroy West Bengal and India” – that was the spirit of thousands of people who gathered to fill the Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata on 30 July 2019, at the ‘Unite and Resist’ Convention. The convention had been organised to mark 50 years of the CPIML, and the birth centenary of CPIML founding General Secretary Charu Mazumdar.

West Bengal has been witnessing the ominous rise of the BJP and RSS, with communal incidents being reported nearly every day in the state. During the elections, BJP cadres vandalised a statue of the social reformer andMore

Modi Hatao Desh Bachao" Rally on 8 October 2018 at Kodarma

“Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” Rally on 8 October 2018 at Kodarma Block Maidan, Jharkhand

Rally photo 1

CPIML LIBERATION – Rally in Patna on 27 September 2018

THE ‘Oust BJP-Save Democracy’ rally to be organized at the Gandhi Maidan in Patna on 27 September 2018 is going to be historic in many ways.

The 10th Party Congress at Mansa (Punjab) had called for the eviction of fascism and the building of a people’s India. Carrying this call forward, the Bihar State Committee organized statewide people’s rights campaigns in Bihar under the ‘Oust BJP-Save Bihar’ drive for 3 months from April to June. During these movements we could see that the people have become disillusioned with the Modi government at the centre and the Nitish-Modi government in Bihar,More


All India Strike on September 10 Reflects People’s Anger Against Modi Government

All India Strike The all India strike called by Left parties on September 10 met a huge response from the masses reflecting their resentment against Modi government’s policies, cronyism and economic burdens being mounted on the people. The all India strike call coincided with the bandh call by the Congress party and other opposition parties. People all over the country came to the streets and voiced a big no to policies of escalating prices of petro-products, rising unemployment, land acquisitions, corporate plunder of banks, and demonetisation, and the RSS-BJP attempts of spreading venom of hatred to communalise and divide Indian society. The strike gave a message that days of Modi regime are numbered. The huge success of this all India strike call reflects people’s mood and anger against Modi Rule and is going to be the beginning of the countdown for the end of an atrocious, corrupt and fascist regime.

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