“Suicide bombers linked to al Qaida killed more than 60 people in attacks on crowds watching the World Cup final on TV in Uganda.

Explosions targeted a rugby club and a restaurant in the capital Kampala.

Police suspected the Somali militant group al-Shabab was behind the attacks, as Uganda’s president declared on Monday: “We shall get them wherever they are.”

The blasts came two days after an al-Shabab commander called for attacks in Uganda and Burundi, two nations that contribute troops to the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia.

At least 64 people died and a US aid group said one of its American workers was among the dead. Ethiopian, Indian and Congolese nationals were also among the victims.

There were signs that the simultaneous attacks were by suicide bombers. Blood and pieces of flesh littered the floor among overturned chairs at the scenes.

The attack on the rugby club, where crowds sat outside watching a large-screen TV, left 49 dead. Fifteen others were killed in the restaurant .”

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