July 2018 Sets the Scene for the World in the 21st Century?


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Historians may say in the future that July 2018 was one of the most significant months, not only the fact that 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, being also the most important year of the early part of the 21st Century.
This July we will have ‘a strategic reset’ of the World order effecting all counties on the planet.

  • Trump in Brussels now for critical NATO meetings has brought interesting results and repositioning by many NATO members.
  • Trump goes to UK in the coming hours today amid British Government Ministerial resignations, possibly imminently Prime Minister May’s too, while the BREXIT conundrum looms large.
  • Regardless of the fact that the global mainstream media doesn’t seem to acknowledge it, the EU is on the point of imploding and the very future existence of the EURO is in question.
  • Russia, very well described by Trump on the 12th of July in a Brussels Press Conference, is a competitor not an enemy.
  • Nationalism and Christianity are on the rise everywhere that counter the Immigration and Muslim popular liberal narrative.
  • The most important meeting will be the first formal Trump-Putin one on the 16th July in Helsinki.

After we learn the results of the above July meetings, we will be in a position to understand how world relationships will be reformed. We all wait for the outcomes of these meetings with extreme interest.
Only then can analysts start to think of what the rest of the 21st Century is going to look like.
Anticipation is high and for some, a reason for optimism in a world where possibly America and Russia could start to agree on a variety of issues.
One of many losers could be Britain particularly due to the issue of the alleged Novichok poisoning’s in Salisbury, England.
A few months ago Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper published an opinion piece by then BritishForeign Secretary Boris Johnson describing the military grade nerve-agent attack as one in a long line of assassinations by Russia in Britain, without, in the Salisbury cases, Johnson providing any evidence whatsoever. Johnson is no longer a Minister; he’s gone for good soon to be followed by Prime Minister May many people speculate.
So a most unfortunate prediction one can make today is the possibility of a potential much weakened, politically, Britain a result of any form of rapprochement between America and Russia. A sad end of the empire that once was Great Britain.
We live in interesting times!

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