Judea declares war on British musician Roger Waters

Roger Waters writing "We don't need no thought control" on Israel's apartheid wall

Gilad Atzmon writes:

I am not the only musician whose career they are trying to destroy. The musician Roger Waters is also being subjected to a vile Zionist smear campaign. The Jewish press reports that a documentary titled Wish You Weren’t Here by Ian Halperin is about to hit the screens in every shtetl around the world.

According to the Wish You Weren’t Here trailer, Waters is to blame for the rise of anti-Semitsm, the failing of Israel and, for good measure, all other current Jewish problems. Impressive achievement, I must admit.

Halperin says: “To me, an attack on Israel is an attack against the Jewish people.” I guess Halperin deems both Israel and the Jewish people are beyond criticism. At least we know what choseness means these days. The question that remains open is whether the so-called goyim (gentiles) are going to buy into this intense delusional nonsense.

Halperin says he met psychologists who work with holocaust survivors and their families. After the meeting, he could diagnose the effect of Waters’s floating pig bearing the Star of David as “unforgiveable” for survivors. For once, I see Halperin’s point. As an ex-Jew who eats everything but kosher, I was also a bit offended by Waters’s attempt to give pork a kosher stamp.

The cinematic tactics used to defame Waters are boiler plate by now. The film juxtaposes Jewish suffering with Waters. “The terrorist’s friend”, the one who supports Arabs and Muslims. Halperin attempts to score points by appealing to the lowest xenophobic, racist intuitions. Waters, I guess, will easily survive this bombastic Zionist campaign for the same reason Corbyn survived the “anti-Semite” slur. People out there aren’t as stupid as the Hasbara (Israeli propaganda) book wants them to be.

Waters’s opposition to Zionism and Israel is anti-authoritarian and consistent with his long-standing general message of peace and reconciliation. The British Jewish lobby failed to detect that the more they attacked Corbyn and his amicable attitude towards Hamas and Hezbollah, the more popular he became…

Wish You Weren’t Here is set to portray Waters as a bigot, but instead it will be a window into tribal vindictiveness. Portraying an endless stream of right wing ultra-Zionists denouncing a dedicated peace advocate as a bigot and an anti-Semite for criticising Israeli apartheid is a dangerous game. It could easily backfire and might well prove very dangerous for the Jews.

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