Jordanian public opinion against US military presence


US soldiers in Jordan (File photo)

US soldiers in Jordan (File photo)
A Jordanian political analyst says public opinion in his country is against US military presence in the kingdom.

“Public opinion here does not welcome the Americans, even if they say they want to protect the country,” said political analyst and head of the Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, Oraib Rintawi.
“For Jordanians, the US military presence is linked to plots and conspiracies against their neighbours, which would impact the country itself,” Rintawi added.
Experts further said Jordanians are suspicious about the presence of US troops and weapons in their country.
Jordanian lawmakers have also voiced opposition to US presence.
“As deputies representing Jordanian people, we do not accept US or any other foreign troops in Jordan. Jordanians do not think there are threats from Syria,” Jordanian MP and deputy house speaker Khalil Atiyeh said.
This is while Washington has kept F-16 warplanes and Patriot Missiles in Jordan since a joint military exercise between the two sides ended on June 20.

Deputy Leader of the Muslims Brotherhood in Jordan Zaki Bani Rashid has also said, “We reject the presence of US invaders and I think other Jordanians are worried and agree with us.”

US officials have also reportedly said that Washington has expanded its military presence in the country to 1,000 soldiers.

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