Jordanian protesters demand closing of US Embassy


Associated Press

AMMAN, Jordan — Demonstrators have demanded the closing of the U.S. Embassy in Jordan over Wikileaks cables suggesting covert U.S. plans to turn Jordan into a home for Palestinians.

It was a rare anti-American demonstration in Jordan, a close ally of the U.S.

The 70 activists burned American and Zionist flags in a noisy protest opposite the embassy in Amman on Wednesday.

They chanted, “The people want the Americans out.”

Roughly half of the country’s 6 million population is of Palestinian origin. With Palestinian-Zionist peace talks stalled, some Jordanians fear Israel may try to deport Palestinians to Jordan.

This week Zionist puppet King Abdullah II spoke out strongly against using Jordan as a substitute for a Palestinian state, a concept favored by a tiny extremist minority among Zionist.

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