Jordanian prisoners of government: 'Use the Israeli infiltrator to release us'

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


AMMAN – Jordanian prisoners in Nazi camps sent a letter Monday evening calling on the Jordanian people and the government to take a serious stand towards their cause and use the Zionist infiltrator to exchange with the occupation.

The prisoners said in a letter received by the “Jerusalem network” a copy of them that they are living in difficult humanitarian conditions under the fierce attack on us by the Nazi jail spiteful after the Jordanian achievement, which forced the arrogant occupation to release the prisoners Hiba al-Labadi and Abdul Rahman Marei.

They added: “We, as Jordanian prisoners in the prisons of the occupation – like other free – we have responded to the call of Arab and Islamic duty in the holiest parts of the earth and the cradle of the messages and the land of the prophets, to lift the injustice of the Palestinian people west of the river and shared with them the destruction of the dreams and ambitions of the Zionists in the whole region, including our precious homeland Jordan” .

Abizaid and prisoners: “The Jordanian prisoner had a valiant role witnessed by the enemy before the friend, as history has seen before the heroics and sacrifices of the Jordanian Arab army on the land of Palestine were martyrs and prisoners and missing, while the martyrs in the graves of the figures of the Zionist occupation, which has been rife for 60 years As for the prisoners and missing persons, those who have been kept secret by the occupation for malicious purposes, these missing persons for decades have not shown them successive governments the effort they deserve to reveal their fate in fulfillment of their sacrifices . “

The statement pointed out that the Jordanian government can through the recent diplomatic movement and thanks to the national movement to extract two Jordanian prisoners at the occupation, continuing: “The issue of prisoners did not end with their departure, leaving behind 21 other prisoners suffering for decades ago.”

The prisoners addressed the Jordanian people, saying: “We cry from behind the bars of the prison to support us and support us to be among you, each of us has a story of soreness and tears and groans, we were born on the riches of Jordan and we studied in his schools graduated from his universities and we love his soil and air, we are not just a number we want to know about him , we young people gripe tells tales of silence painful for each one of us, do not forget us in the prisons to eat more of our lives away from our loved ones ” .

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