Jordan: Obama bribes Zionist King with $1 billion for I$raHell


US President Barack Obama on Friday pledged $1 billion in loan guarantees for his Middle East ally Zionist Puppet King Abdullah II of Jordan and the renewal of a five-year aid package. He made the pledge during a meeting with the Zionist King at a summit at a California retreat.
Jordan, a British-created entity after WW I, is a western Arab colony. It is one of the only two Arab Muslim nation-states in addition to Egypt, which has established diplomatic relation with the Zio-Nazi entity for American bribe. Jordan receives $300-400 million annually to keep peace with I$raHell. Egypt receives $1.3 billion annually for the same purpose. I$raHell’s cut in USAID is between $6-14 billion per year.
Obama said he will seek $1 billion in loan guarantees for Jordan, using the full faith and credit of the United States to help make it easier for Amman to borrow money, The new guarantee would be in addition to $1.25 billion loan guarantee Congress approved last year, the first one ever for Jordan.
Obama praised Zionist Abdullah II for supporting Zionist- US plan to bring a regime change in Damascus through three-year bloody war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Obama said the money would be used to provide shelter to nearly 60,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan as result of Takfiri terrorism.
Over 60% of Jordanian population is Palestinians who survived Jewish terrorism and wars since 1948.
Efraim Karsh and P.R. Kumarswamy in book, Israel, the Hashmites, and the Palestinians: The Fateful Triangle’, claim that both Israel and Transjordan are artificial entities created by the British colonial power to control the Muslim heartland. Read the book online here.
In 1967, Jordan lost West Bank, Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem to I$raHell as result of Israeli aggression.
In May 2012, several pro-Israel Jewish groups lead by ADL’s Abraham Foxman urged Jordanian Dog to take necessary action to ensure that the Arabic translation of Jewish Talmud is not used to teach hatred toward Jews and I$raHell among the Palestinians and Arabs.

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