Jewish-Zionist terrorism, this stranger


Terrorism – “They want to live simply, in communion with God,” says Gedalia Mayer. Gedalia is the father of Mordechai, an 18-year-old graduate who has spent the last few years in the company of his friends, visiting theWest Bank .
A boy like so many others, yet it is not what the Shin Bet thinks, which identified Mordechai as a member of the responsible Jewish terrorist network, among the various crimes attributed, of the arson in which a Palestinian family was killed in Duma , village in the West Bank.

The Duma attack

On the night of 30 July 2015, Amiram Ben-Oliel, a 21-year-old rabbi’s son, meets a friend of his (not yet identified, although Shin Bet thinks of Mordechai Mayer) in a cave between Ramallah and Nablus, in the heart of the West Bank. Their goal is the villages of Duma and Majdal Beni Fadal. Once arrived, according to reports, they would have covered their faces and hands in search of an empty house. But they come across Sa’ad and Riham Dawabshih, a young couple with Ali, an 18-month-old child. Words like “Vendetta” and “Long life to the Messiah” are written on the house. After that, they throw a Molotov cocktail and set fire to it, no member of the Palestinian family will be saved.

The phenomenon

Already from the first months of 2015, we became aware of this terrorist network probably born daw2around 2013 in response to Israeli power judged too permissive and democratic. The perpetrators are judged with special rules so far used only for Palestinians: they are arrested without the possibility of paying bail and remain in the cell for at least three weeks without being able to see their lawyers.Israeli extremists act in an uncontrolled manner by setting fires or throwing tear gas into Palestinian homes, in most cases acting in the night.The Zionist religious leaders have obviously distanced themselves from the facts: “It is a horrible crime” – declared Yisrael Harel veteran Zionist – “but I think it is a phenomenon destined to disappear. It is more a social plague than a terrorist one ”. This is an answer that perhaps does not take into account the gravity of the acts perpetrated so far.

What do Jewish extremists want?

Jewish extremists literally want to collapse the state of Israel, not recognizing themselves in state democratic forms and wanting to create a real Jewish Kingdom based entirely on religious laws by expelling all those who do not profess the Jewish faith. Moshe Orbach even published a manual explaining how to set fire to mosques and Palestinian homes. Modalities that would make one think of other extremisms and that instead are born within the middle-high Jewish class, from boys very often children of rabbis or Israeli teachers. A phenomenon often underestimated, still little known. Gasoline on the fire of a conflict whose beginning is lost in memory.

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