Jewish women cannot drive in New York



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Muslims in the West have long been under attack for the ban in Saudi Arabia (ruled by a western puppet Ultra-Orthodox Wahhabi minority) for women to drive in public. However, these western bigots are at loss to face the fact that Jewish women are neither allowed to drive or walk on the same side of the street as men – right in New Square, an Orthodox Jewish enclave north of Time Square.

“The whole community was built for one purpose, to live within the very strict confines, traditions, attitudes and customs of Judaism. And part of that is you’re part and parcel of a very strict communal structure,” say Ezra Friedlander, PR consultant to numerous Orthodox Jewish communities.

The New Square Jewish community (7000 members) is strictly controlled by Grand Rabbi David Twersky, 70. He inherited the ‘Twersky dynasty’ from his father Yaakov Yosef Twersky, who built this mini Jewish state in 1954 for his fellow ‘Holocaust survivors’ who refused to make Aliya to Zionist Israel.

In 2005, US under-secretary of state Karen Hughes, during her visit to Riyadh had told the Suadi ‘royals’ that Dubya Bush wants to see Saudi women obtain more rights including the ‘right to drive’. Commenting on Karen’s statement, Steven Weiss, wrote in Jewish daily Forward (October 14, 2005): “Even as the White House presses Saudi Arabia to permit women to drive, an Ultra-Orthodox community in New York has launched a campaign to reassert its ban on female motorists“.

During last few days, the Israel Hasbara (propaganda) organs (Washington Post, New York Times, Telegraph, etc.) which have never voiced their support for Palestinian human rights – have published articles, Op-Eds and columns in support of Saudi Women Driving campaign currently carried out in Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, June 17, 2011 – several Saudi women boldly got behind the wheel, including one who made a 45-minute trip through Kingdom’s capital Riyadh, seeking to ignite a road rebellion against ban on female motorists – had more on their minds than just having fun while sitting at driver’s seat. They were demanding for their rights given to them by their Islamic faith 1400 years ago.

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