Jewish Lobby ”3” : Well done, CNI. But we need a unifying banner



Our Mission
CNI  (Council for the National Interest) seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values…..

by Rex Williams

This is very good, but if your objective was to “serve the International interests of the world’s nations” or similar, then many more would be delighted to promote your message throughout South Pacific countries, Europe, Africa and all other regions. 

This does not mean that I am unaware of the need for the US to remove the insidious influence of Israel from your houses of government so that policies can then be put in place that will reverse the Israeli expansion in Palestine, or to reduce the  American public’s acceptance of continuous US-led wars. However, I am suggesting an International program here that will bring people from many nations together to work against this problem we all face.

When compared to the US, we in Australia are relatively free from the influences that have been allowed to make Zionist political control so powerful as in your country.  But using the very same methods the Zionists found to be successful in your country, these influences are now  seen emerging here. Unfortunately, like Americans,Australians are trusting and generally apathetic about anything but the football scores, the very environment that Zionists use to spread their parasitic influence.

The willing acceptance by the US to conform to the ‘capitalist’ system without any restrictions on foreign-influenced ownership has seen your media become 90% ownedby such corporations along with the continued acceptance of similar levels of penetration into other key industries and institutions.  Freedom of the press is mandated by your Constitutionbut there is no reference to the rights of the people to know they are reading / viewing / listening to the truth. There are no penalties for misrepresentation, lies or inaccuracies.

The ownership of the media, with the pervasive influence of News Limited, makes us vulnerable in Australia as well.

In a modern society, the facilities are available for the exploitation of any area of weakness, whether in a once-revered document such as the US Constitution, the proliferation of PAC’s or SuperPAC’s and their ability to influence the voting outcomes or the well-documented use of graft and corruption for elected representativesUnfortunately, this is tolerated by the public, everywhere. These activities should be identified and prosecuted. It is not just a US condition, as well you would know.

When thinking on this subject as I do frequentlyone cannot help but reflect on the McCarthy era in the US in the 1950’s. The search for ‘communists’, socialists, fellow travelers and the promoters of any idea that contravened accepted American values as they were then, was seen in following years as having been extreme and unacceptable, but at that time, endorsed by the US Senate. Since that date, your country has endured graft, corruption, the blatant buying of political influence, the populating of the Congress by people who are compromised and virtually controlled by a foreign country. Your media is controlled by the same foreign Industries with access to US secrets have been allowed to develop without a murmur, industries such as communications, military / industrial, security and banking. The US has made itself a willing target for an Israeli takeover, and it has happened.

How long can Americans continue to accept people like Elliott Abrams and the Neocon cabal as patriotic citizens?

Your character has been well-read and well-used by the Machiavellian Israeli mind, well-organized, well-funded and well-executed and apparently, well-tolerated by the American people.  Even in the event of an awakening of the people to the fate that has befallen them, one is forced to ask how many generations will need to pass before an eventual  purging of both the Congress and the Senate will allow a majority of uncorrupted, patriotic and respected “America-first” members to finally decide what is best for the national interest? Right now, do such people even make up 15% of the Congress?

I have long held the view that the forces of good are fragmented and therefore, ineffective. Against this, we have a highly organized, well-funded ‘enemy’ that has penetrated the governments of the world to such an extent that they can influence their daily decisions, as well as the United Nations, almost at will.  Case in point: the US veto used with such success in the Security Council and the sixty-six UN Resolutions which have given such an unjustified, undemocratic advantage to Israel, without which the Palestinian question would have been resolved forty years ago. In that regard, the UN now has little value. It has become the plaything of the US government, and we know who runs those ‘august’ institutions.

To date,  efforts made to secure some level of uniformity of thinking or cooperative activity between activists has always met with little interest, an indication quite clearly that the objectives of all people or groups are directed at  different levels with different priorities, single issues, either feeling an inability to address larger issues or structurally unable to develop the resources needed to make a difference.  If this situation continues, the US will diminish as a democratic world power, and the Israel Zionists through their apologists and Israel-firsters will expand as an insidious influence, by default.

This does not take away from the magnificent efforts of organizations such as your ownCNIIf Americans KnewMy Catbird SeatAntiwarIRmep and others the names of which you would be familiar with, unpaid writers such as  Alison Weir, Alan Hart, Stuart Littlewood, Justin Raimondo, Lawrence Davidson, Grant F. Smith, Stephen Sniegoski, Alan Sabrosky and your own Philip Giraldi, videos by Anthony Lawson, among 16 -20 other writers of whom I am aware giving of their time, week after week as well as gutsy and uncompromised parliamentarians such as David Ward, Liberal Democrat from the UK; David Shoebridge, Greens Party from NSW, Australia.

They are motivated, valuable and worthy and if we are successful in bringing about an awareness of the current situation, their names should be respected as having made a valuable effort for world peace and  understanding.

There are millions just like them, passionate, focused, but not organized. To my thinking, the fact that they are being forced to risk their careers, together with  their long term value by having to almost stand alone, makes them well-meaning but virtually ineffective, as am I and all the dedicated bloggers in the world.

Without organization or a banner under which we can all serve, we are floundering and we have done that for forty years to the great disadvantage of the world.


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