Jewish Lobby ”12”: Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II


Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II

by Preston James

What can be done to thwart the Israeli Nuclear Blackmail that produced Homeland Security and other abominations after their 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America?

How can Israeli-American Dual Citizen Israeli-first Traitors be prevented from transforming America into the World’s largest Prison Camp, GAZA II?

What must Americans do to take back their country from these soulless, criminal psychopaths who serve Israel first and are hell-bent on destroying America after completely asset stripping it and then systematically mass-murdering all Americans, just as they are now doing in Palestine to the Palestinians?

Obviously the American Government should be protecting Americans and America from outside infiltration, especially Israeli penetration. The government has not. All the talking points and narratives during the last 20 years about attacking terrorism at its home base in the Mideast are lies and war propaganda. Their purpose? To manipulate “We the People” into supporting phony wars for Israel, for huge war profits, and for the capture of natural resources and oil.

The biggest Terrorists in the World are the Israeli Leaders and those WZs behind them, then America (which has been hijacked by Israel), and then England and Saudi Arabia. NATO’s job, rather than to keep us safe, has been to work hard covertly to start wars so that the Banksters and Defense Contractors can earn huge war profits fighting illegal, Unconstitutional wars of aggression and acquisition.


The whole War on Terror Narrative is a Big USG Lie concocted and dispensed by the Controlled major mass media (CMMM) to allow the transformation of America into a Military Police State controlled by Israeli infiltrators through Homeland Security DHS and label you an Enemy of the State.

To protect We the People from outside infiltration and foreign espionage such as that done by Israel is the basic responsibility that the USG exists for and is mandated by the US Constitution and was truly the main reason for any federalization of the various States into one Confederation of United states in the first place.

Instead of the federal Government being used as it was designed by the Founding fathers and mandated in the US Constitution, it has been hijacked by World Zionist City of London Banksters (the Rothschilds) and their illegitimate stepchild Israel and has been turned against the American People as an “Enemy within the gates”.

Obviously this is High Treason and Sedition, both Capital Offenses that can receive the death penalty. And such sentences were delivered in the past for folks like the Rosenbergs and others. And yet now the crimes, espionage, Sedition and Treason of over 100 of our members of Congress and the Israeli espionage fronts that control them are coming to light and being revealed for the first time ever. And it is now known that all secrecy is ending.

If you are a Member of Congress or a high ranking USG official who has been “on the take” (and there is now Intel soon to enter the Public domain that shows that over 100 Members of Congress are, as well as who they are) or an agent of foreign espionage, here is a suggestion for you. Retire now, take your massive holdings and leave in peace before you get caught and prosecuted by the New Sheriff which is now on the horizon and closing in fast.

Not only will all secrecy be ending and all your evil crimes be exposed if you stay in power, but a new very powerful populism is spontaneously emerging in America and almost every other nation and will make it impossible for you and your ilk to continue ripping off “We the People” and breaking the laws and violating the US Constitution for the massive bribes you now receive and have been receiving.

Some of the Super-elites, the one-percenters already know this new and powerful Populism is coming and cannot be stopped. Nick Hanauer is a one-percenter with a warning for other Plutocrats, and he says “the Pitchforks are coming”.(1) Listen to his banned TED Talk which was considered to be “too controversial” to be released by TED because he told the truth about the coming Populism followed by “Pitchforks” if the massive inequality in America is not remedied. By the way, this man claims to have good intuition about the future. He is not exaggerating. He is 100% accurate as to what is on the horizon and coming on fast, Worldwide Populism.


Anyone who deeply researches the rise of one-percenter wealth in America will discover that it was only possible because of rampant corruption in Congress, the Judiciary, the Administration, the alphabets and Law Enforcement. And all this massive corruption can be traced back to an invasion and subsequent Coup d’État in 1913 by the Rothschild foreign Banksters operating out of the City of London, the true source of everything that is wrong in America today.

Why has the USG not protected America and Americans from infiltration and hijacking by a foreign power? The answer to this is complex and involves the incremental rise in corruption that has progressively infiltrated every institution of the American Government and the private Defense Contractors. Basically all institutions of the USG have been infiltrated by organized crime comprised of the Bush Crime cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS aka Kosher Nostra or Red Mafiya, and this includes Dual and Triple Citizen Traitors and Infiltrators).

The Italian Mafia was completely taken over by Meyer Lansky, who stayed home from their Council Meeting in Appalachia NY and then “dropped a dime” on them, bringing the NY State Police. Anyone who researches the Viet Nam war will soon come to understand the real reasons for it were to generate massive war profits for the soulless Banksters and the Defense Contractors and get control of the Golden Triangle opium to finance Black ops that Congress would never approve or finance with taxpayer Dollars. This was actually a continuation of the family opium trade set up during the time of the Opium Wars between the British Families (American Delanos included) which ended up creating the Russell trust, aka the Skull and Bones Fraternity at Yale, a fraternity based on Luciferian death-Cult worship.

The BCC and the IZCS worked hand in hand to capture this black tar opium and set up processing and distribution networks all over the world. And even today the RCC is doing exactly the same thing in Afghanistan — all done in the open, with the opium fields being protected by the US Army.

What is the foreign power that has hijacked America and how did this occur?

Initially the foreign power that first infiltrated the United States of America was the City of London Rothschild Zionist Banksters, through their franchises, the federal reserve System. This Federal Reserve System was set up through stealth when numerous Members of Congress were paid off or coerced to pass the federal reserve Act in 1913. Actually it was never passed because there was no required quorum, but because most of Congress was compromised and paid plenty of baksheesh, this completely illegal, monstrous and massive “beyond imagination” Unconstitutional financial fraud/scam was allowed and persists even today.

Over time and after the WZs formed Israel to serve as their main base of Intel and political espionage operations, Israeli American Israel-first dual citizen Traitors were placed in high positions of power inside the USG and around it and used to hijack America and transform it into a slave state of Israel and the WZs.

These WZ forces became entrenched in Israeli/WZ espionage fronts inside America in AIPAC, the ADL, Bnai Brith, SPLC, JDL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Cell in Denver, and various WZ controlled Defense Policy Boards as well as the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the like. And Many synagogues are used as Israeli espionage fronts unknowing to the Judaic worshippers.

Why did the Rothschild Zionist Banksters work so hard to create Israel using land illegally seized from Palestinians?

The Rothschild City of London Banksters (hard core World Zionists) made so much money in France, Germany and England in the late 1800’s that they decided they needed their own new nation to serve as a money dump and Intel center from which to branch out and take control of the whole world. They also wanted a safe haven for their own retirement, a place where they could not be extradited for their crimes, which were legion. So they formed a long-term complex plan to build up Bolshevik Russia, and then also build up Fascist Nazi Germany as a counter-force to deploy one against the other. This engineered battle between Bolshevik Russia and Fascist Germany was to be used to set the stage for various crafty operations needed to set the stage for a takeover of the whole world by World Zionism (WZ), a nice name for Bolshevism, the world’s largest Luciferian death cult.

Because the WZs worked so hard over many years to retake and re-occupy the “Holy Land”, just as they tried before in the the first Crusades but failed, they are now called by insiders the “New Crusaders” for the successful 1947 attempt.

And why are the WZs so obsessed with re-taking the “Holy Land” and occupying it? Because they want to set up a worldwide pure Luciferian kingdom run out of Jerusalem and set their Anti-Christ Lucifer himself in person.

They plan on calling this new worldwide pure Luciferian Kingdom “Greater Israel”. Plus the City of London WZs needed a new base of operations from where they could manage the Mideast oil situation for the Major Oil Companies (AKA the “Seven Sisters” or Big Oil, now consolidated to the “Five Sisters”).

I know this sounds nuts, but this is actually their goal to hijack the American Defense System and use it to wage wars for Israel and the WZs in order to hijack the whole world. It’s a crafty plan hundreds of years old and is deeply embedded in what is called the “Old Black European Nobility”, folks who have used the Dark powers of Lucifer for many hundreds of years to attain power, riches and status above all others.

The WZ Plan to create Bolshevist Russia and Nazi Germany in order to pit them against each other.

The WZ City of London planners worked hard in their think-tanks (e.g. “Roundtables”) to create and actuate plans to create Bolshevik Russia and then Nazi Germany and to pit them against each other. By doing so, America could be transformed into a very large war-based economy that they could then hijack to wage wars around the world necessary to build a greater Israel.

Before WW2 started, Judaics were targeted in the Press for their oddities, endemic selfishness and inability to mix into normal German Society. After they were thus smeared, it was easy to convince most other Germans that it was appropriate to intern all Judaics in work camps and persecute them. This could later be used to create a “get out of jail free card” for the WZs, because from that time forward, any criticism toward the WZs would be called anti-semitism — the greatest con job in history, but a tactic which is now being fully exposed and losing its salience and hubris very rapidly. Insiders know that a wooden stake has already been driven through AIPAC’s vampire heart, and it is only a matter of time before we see its principals brought to justice and its power taken from it.

Insiders also know and sometimes admit that Israel, the renegade criminal nation and Rothschild Military Intel outpost, will be a thing of the past within ten years because of their belligerent hubris, mass-murder, continuing land theft and apartheid against Palestinians. Top Israeli WZ leaders have been scheming to establish the New Israel in the Ukraine as a backup if their plans to create a Greater Israel in the Mideast and then the whole world fail (which is now a certainty).

The six-million dead figure was taken from Judaic propaganda going back to the early 1900’s and was a fabrication. Official Red Cross figures recorded approximately 200,000 Judaics who died in the Work Camps, but there were also a lot of dissidents and others suspected of being disloyal to the Third Reich who were killed. WW2, as any major war, was used by the WZs to mobilize and industrialize America into a massive war industry based machine that they could hijack and use to later fight their own wars with the goal of a new worldwide greater-Israel, based on pure Luciferians, aka Neo-Bolshevism.

After WW2, the WZs were able to seize land from Palestinians through manipulation of the United Nations. Soon they violated all the UN rules provided and have been doing so ever since, always taking more land from the Palestinians, while blowing up their homes or demolishing them and mass-murdering many men, women and children.


All Wars are Bankster’s Wars and all Western banks are WZ owned, franchised or controlled, one way or another.

The WZs have effectively hijacked the US Congress, the Judiciary and almost every department of the USG. How have they done this? The Israelis are very good blackmailers and human compromisers. If they can’t buy someone, they work hard to entrap them. They usually work hard to prevent anyone from rising in political office unless they have a shameful vice or bad habit through which they can be blackmailed or “human-compromised”.

When you have access to WZ Banksters who can create as much money as they want from nothing (FIAT debt-notes accepted only because it has been mandated by illegal, Unconstitutional laws), obviously there is plenty of money to buy, bribe or influence politicians and USG officials with. And that is exactly what has been done. The phony, illegal Unconstitutional Federal reserve System is the head of this octopus of WZ/Israeli international corruption, known by insiders as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

The IZCS essentially merged with the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) during the Viet Nam War after the BCC mass-murdered JFK and over 100 witnesses who could testify about “who done it”. This new system has been called the Ruling Crime Cabal, and has now compromised almost every single USG Official and Politician inside the Beltway, one way or another. If money fails, then blackmail is used. If that fails, redistricting may be used and various measures to un-elect them. If that is not enough, as with Senator Paul Wellstone… well then, they are murdered. Senator Wellstone was warned a week before his murder by VP Cheney that there would be serious ramifications if he did not vote for the war. Many believe that “Chicanery” followed through on his threats and used JSOC to assassinate Senator Wellstone and his family.


There were cataclysmic changes inside America after the Israeli nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01.

After the Israeli nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01, America has become an Occupied Nation, infiltrated and hijacked by the foreign power, Israel, as action-agents of the Rothschild International Money-changers working out of the City of London. The Israelis went to the Administration and basically claimed that if they were not allowed to streamline all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement into one central Organization under their control as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), they would detonate more nukes in other American cities.

And we now know that high ranking CIA man Roland Carnaby was hot on their trail when a Mossad Agent sheep-dipped as a Houston Police Officer premeditatedly murdered him in cold blood, supposedly over a minor traffic infraction which never occurred. We now know that Israel has planted 25 more nukes inside America in major Cities as a part of their infamous “Samson Option”. Some believe they even planted more in major European Cities, such as London, Paris and Rome.

Thanks to the massive Intel Data dump by Russian and French Intel recently, it is no longer secret that the attack on America on 9/11/01 was a nuclear attack. W-54 Pits supplied by Bush-1 regime were taken out the backdoor at Pantex, moved around and finally repackaged in Israel, and shipped to the Israeli Embassy in NYC in Diplomatic trunks. It is also known that a high ranking Member of Congress was appropriated Billions of dollars to acquire and decommission numerous Ukrainian S-19 and S-20 Nuclear warheads when the Soviet Union fell in the early 1990’s.

It is also known that this individual transferred some to the Israelis, and these are city busters unlike the W-54 Davy Crockett types, which are Building Busters. It is also known that this member of Congress took billions of dollars from the sale of these warheads and distributed it to himself and other USG Officials and key Members of Congress to keep it covered up.


These mini-nukes were stored in the Israeli Embassy until moved into position by Mossad Agents using the cover of “Urban Moving Systems”. We now know that the Israelis had a great deal of help from their stateside assets in PNAC, including high ranking NeoCons, and high ranking officials in the Administration, the JCS, NORAD, the USAF, and the FAA. Veterans Today sources have all the names of the perps and all the secret files, and if a proper grand Jury with a fully independent prosecutor is set up, all Intel files including some America Files which have been deeply hidden will be provided and will blow the whole case wide open.

Many involved at the perimeter will come forth and testify as to who did it, how they did it, and how it is still being covered up. If you dig deep, most of the names have already been included in numerous VT articles and their references over the last two years. If you want more information on the espionage and use associated with these stolen American Nuclear Pits, refer to Senior Editor Gordon Duff’s incredible series on Veterans Today entitled “Nuclear Education”.

The sinister role of the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM) the main propaganda arm of the USG and the RCC that control it through sophisticated human compromise operations in place over 50 years under Bush-1 and the IZCS.

We now know that the CIA has spent billions of dollars taking over almost all American media and public institutions of higher learning. William Colby once stated, before he was murdered by the RCC, that the CIA’s greatest achievement was the takeover of all Major Mass media through Operation Mockingbird, and that this included every single major newscaster.

Just recently, a top German Journalist and Editor, Dr. Udo Ulfkatte, went public and talked about how the CIA gets control over all the major journalists. As I predicted two years ago and have continued to do so, all secrecy is ending and every single deep dark secret of the USG, which is criminal and out of control, is going to be fully exposed, bit by bit. This is just one of many breakthroughs coming — expect many, many more. This man is a great international Hero and a great friend of humanity. This is the kind of courage that you will see emerging everywhere, including inside America. His motive is to expose the use of journalists to beat the drums of war, and he is afraid that is what is being done now to start a WW3 with Russia — a war that would cause Europe to once again become a battlefield. This video affidavit provides an astounding X-ray or snapshot inside journalism as it exists in most of the west, bought and paid for by the CIA and Mossad.


There are now some interesting rumors from the inside which have been leaking out.

Supposedly, the new US Military High Command has communicated to Israel that if any more nukes are detonated inside America, those responsible will be immediately hunted down and exterminated, even to the ends of the Earth. Supposedly there had been plans for September, one was called Blackjack and was portrayed in a special BBC slideshow. So far there has been no clear October surprise.

Could this recent Ebola problem be another form of Israeli blackmail of the USG to get troops on the ground in Iraq, and fight more Mideast wars for Israel or else?

The timing is very suspicious, and the pressure being exerted by the illegal Israeli/NeoCon espionage fronts inside America on Congress and the Administration are noticeable and extreme. So far they have failed, and President Obama is reluctant to enter into any new major ground war. Instead he has deployed air attacks against the ISIL/ISIL forces, who are also known as Al Qae Da or Al CIA Duh Version 2. How come wounded ISIS/ISIL are being taken to Israel for treatment?


Of course, if Israelis set off nukes in more American Cities perhaps DC, NYC again or Chicago or Houston, you can bet they would use their Controlled major Mass media (yes, the WZs own it) to blame it on the Iranians, Syrians, Russians or Al CIA Duh. Or, if American troops are not deployed in Iraq to become deeply entrenched in another major war for Israeli, will more Ebola be dispensed into numerous American cities to create a real pandemic?

Are the current cases just a shot across the bow? And is it any coincidence that a new engraving was made in the Georgia Guidepost arch stone of the number 2014. Does this signify the WZ’s deployment of major eugenics measures to lower the earth’s population by 90% as is stipulated in the Georgia Guidestones, the Illuminati’s plan for the NWO written in stone, which also lists the new Ten Commandments of the NWO?

How do we prevent GAZA II in America and make America prosperous for all Americans?

What specifically must be done to take back America from the Israeli/WZ hijackers and prevent them from transforming America into GAZA II and then tyrannizing, terrorizing, asset stripping, interning in FEMA Camps and systematically mass murdering us?

1. Homeland Security (DHS) is basically an East German Stasi Terrorist Organization designed by Marcus Wolfe, former head of the Stasi hired as a consultant to set up DHS. DHS must be Destroyed, that is, completely de-funded, and broken up into the sub-units it used to be, once again establishing separate independent Alphabets and Law Enforcement Agencies. Those agents and staff that have not committed RICO crimes who have prior experience in previous Alphabet agencies must be reassigned after those Alphabets are set up again and functioning independently. Those USG officials and Members of Congress who committed Treason and Sedition in setting up DHS must be indicted, arrested and fully prosecuted for these Capital Offenses. Many could be given immunity for full honest confessions, as long as they did not murder anyone. Learn the secret history of Homeland security (DHS) Here.

2. All those PNACers, NeoCons, Israeli-American Israeli-first, US Military and Administration Officials involved in the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America must be fully brought to justice. Interpol and other warrants must be issued for those Mossad Agents and assets such as the “Dancing Israelis”. A fully independent Grand Jury and Prosecutor must be set up and many indictments must be issued. Many witnesses are ready to come forward if good protection is provided, and a great deal of very revealing Intel documents from many sources are ready to be submitted as evidence. There is no doubt as to who did it, how may were involved, how it was done and why. All the facts are available, and many will be easy to convict. So far what is lacking is any real “Rule of Law” inside America.

3. America must re-establish the Rule of Law that was destroyed by the Bush Crime cabal when Bush-1 ran the Assassination of JFK, which was a major Coup d’État. Bush seized control over the USG and American Intel at that time, and his Crime cabal has been in power ever since and is just being exposed and displaced now. If the BCC cannot get one of their elected in the next presidential election, or if a true 9/11/01 investigation occurs, the BCC is toast. The BCC went into the illegal narcotics and arms trafficking business and specialized in bribery and murder to stay in power. It merged with the IZCS and formed an even larger more onerous Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC). Narcotics are strongly addicting, but drug money is even more addicting and the whole USG and the major Wall Street Banks are addicted to it for a variety or reasons. It funds black ops and the secret Space war, as well as provides huge payoff for Politicians and USG Officials who desire to have multimillion-dollar estates when they leave office. This means the US Constitution must be fully restored and the simple terms used in it must be enacted with no absurd, extended complex interpretations by the crooked, bribed courts. The BCC and the IZCS must be fully prosecuted and all Crime Cabal Kingpins (AKA the Illuminati, the Denver Circle of Twelve/Thirteen who call themselves the “Disciples of Lucifer”) arrested and all their assets seized and clawed back. This includes a majority of the commercial Real Estate inside America. These seizures must be equitably distributed to “We the People”.

4. The Supreme Court must be eliminated as the final court of the Land, which is Constitutionally the District Court of Washington, DC. The Supreme Court was set up as a phony construct of Congress and is a political animal, not a real legal entity.

5. America must eliminate the Federal Reserve System and set up its own US Central Bank based on real money. This is key and is the head of the system of corruption (aka the Octopus) that has infiltrated and hijacked American Politics and Government. Decapitate the Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) from their money and they will wither up and die on the vine. All assets of the Federal Reserve System must be immediately seized, and all personal assets of the bank member owners must be 100% clawed back. All so-called USG debt must be defined as fraudulent and cancelled, and all usury must be re-established as a serious crime and eliminated with all assets seized and clawed back. No more payday-type loan scams at ridiculous interest rates. A real US bank must be set up with real money backed by Gold, Silver and other assets, such as commodities. All FINCEN records must be publicly released and used to prosecute all RCC, USG Officials and Members of Congress on the take who accepted bribes.

6. All Israeli Dual- and triple-Citizens must be immediately adjudicated. Those involved in anti-American activities must be deported. Others who wish to stay must be clean of any espionage or culture-war offenses against America such as hard-core pornography, and must be willing to renounce all other Citizenship but America and take a loyalty oath to America alone. This was recently done in Argentina, and must be done in America, as soon as possible.

7. All Israeli/WZ espionage fronts such as AIPAC, the ADL, Bnai Brith, the JDC, SPLC, must be immediately classified as agents of foreign influence, and fully investigated. They must have any tax-exempt status revoked and must be declared illegal espionage fronts against America and prevented from ever organizing or operating again. All their assets must be seized.

8. The Major Mass media must be broken up under the proper enforcement of anti-trust laws, and all media must be prevented from forming large international corporate monopolies. There are laws on the books already which make it illegal to publish stories that are known to be false, but this occurs now almost constantly, as well as all the purchased stories disguised as truthful reporting of newsworthy events. No Israeli ownership or control can be allowed anymore, and all such news corporation must be seized and broken up, with their assets seized too.

9. All political contributions by PACs or Corporations must be eliminated, and all must be highly limited and regulated. The Major Mass Media must be required to provide free Television, radio and newspaper to candidates who have a set number of petition signatures, and all of the candidates must be allowed in any debate. No more control of debates by the two major parties’ Republicans and Democrats will be permitted. A multi-party system with coalitions formed at each election must be encouraged.

10. Senators must once again be chosen by their State Legislatures as required by the US Constitution.

11. All electronic voting must be eliminated, and all voting must be by paper ballot, hand-counted publicly and videoed to prevent vote fraud, which is now the norm. New laws must be passed, and a news system providing good opportunities for new candidates to be heard and get support must be created. No more foreign-owned or -operated voting machines; no more electronic voting machines; no more Voter News Services agencies, which have been alleged to have falsely fixed and reported the national votes in past years. It is now known that electronic voting machines are easy to rig, even remotely by satellite.


12. Lee Wanta must be immediately allowed access to all his money so that he can instantly begin his well-developed, ready-to-go plans to revitalize and re-industrialize America. These plans include building a new inter-coastal High Speed state-of-the-art Maglev Railroad System which would provide 2 million well-paying job opportunities in short order. The Wanta story and all related documents were highly classified and buried, so when he went public with how the BCC blocked his access to his funds and had him kidnapped and wrongfully jailed and how his earnings totaled 27.5 Trillion Dollars, most readers initially ridiculed his story and felt it was completely incredible. Now many of the key documents have been recovered, so his story can easily be shown to be true. But even more than that, Veterans Today now has a very important recorded message left on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC embassy phone answering machine. This message was part of a conference call between former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, who apparently thought the answering machine had shut off when Lee Wanta didn’t answer. In a previous phone call, these men had described themselves as “Puppetmasters”. Now for the first time ever, the public has an X-ray or snapshot into how Congress and American politics really works. Informants have provided Intel to Veterans Today that over 100 Members of Congress and five Supreme Court Justices are now “on the take”. You can listen to this very important phone call Here. Note, this phone call has been voice-grammed to be identical to public voice grams taken from videos of both of these men, and there is a match. If any prosecutor wants the originals or any relayed evidence, please contact the Veterans Today Editorial Board. Ambassador Wanta’s claims can no longer be denied. This phone message is smoking-gun evidence, and we know that Lee Wanta has been telling the truth all along — down to the smallest claim and detail, every single bit.(2)

13. Right now, there are approximately 130 members of congress and five Supreme Court Judges who are on the take, receiving regular bribes to keep the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 and other assorted RCC crimes covered up. All NSA files regarding this must be seized by the First US Army, if necessary, and used to indict, convict and impeach (remove) all involved in this crime of Bribery and corruption.

14. The NSA must be seized and shut down, and removed from sharing any files with Israel or any other nation. If necessary, it must be surrounded and seized by the US Army. All of its files must be gone over by an independent grand jury, and declassified if they involve any crimes. All such evidence must be used to generate indictments of any USG official or citizen involved. No more NSA spying on American Citizens or American politicians. Bluffdale NSA building must be destroyed after all the employees and staff are taken out of the building.

15. Area 51 and Area 52, as well as all entrances to the American Deep Underground Bases, must be surrounded by the US Army. These DUMBS are run by private contractors, many foreign-based, who are Traitors committing Treason and Sedition against America and must be fully prosecuted for it. All secrets kept in these bases will be televised and published on the Internet so everyone can know all the serious demonic crimes committed there against the Citizens of the United States of America, AKA “We the People”. If any of these bases are going to be allowed to continue existing, We the People must become fully informed and provide majority consent.

16. All Corporations doing business inside America must have a one-year license granted only, just as the Founding Fathers did, and no corporation should be allowed to have the rights of an individual person ever again. Only when determined that these entities are serving the needs of America and based in America should they be allowed to continue operating.

17. The IRS is Unconstitutional and must be eliminated. It is a private corporation, incorporated in Puerto Rico, and serves as the illegal collection agency for the federal reserve System. All federal taxes are illegal the way they are now being assessed. Federal Income Taxes and all real estate Taxes are Unconstitutional and must be eliminated. A fair tax system can be implemented using sales taxes, excise taxes or other Constitutional means, properly proportioned. Income cannot be legally taxed unless it is from a Federal District of Colombia Job.

18. All Public Education must be de-federalized and all the Neo-Bolshevik programs like “No Student left behind” must be eliminated. All sex education policies must be determined solely by the majority vote of each community within each school district, and NO DC control. The Department of Education must be eliminated. All history books must be revised and must contain the real history of America, warts and all, and how all Americans have an obligation to pursue character and morality, support the US Constitution and fight corruption.

19. All Police and Sheriff Departments must be completely de-militarized. Any training relations with Israelis or their espionage fronts like the ADL must be completely and forever severed, and no more all expenses paid junkets to Israel allowed, because The Israeli leadership and their Intel is a foreign invader and enemy of the We the People. Serious Citizen oversight committees with real muscle must be set up for each department and all constant-on pulsed beam microwave radios must be re-evaluated and modified to prevent entrainment of aggressiveness and violent psychomotor seizures.

20. All so-called Federal lands and Federal Forests must be re-titled back to the individual States, and they can decide how the lands will be used. Land grants can once again be provided if the majority of voters want that.

21. It must be generally acknowledged that every President since Ronald Reagan has been a fraud, since President Reagan was the last duly-elected President. If you are interested, you can read how this occurred. This also means that all laws passed by Congress since President Reagan left office are completely Null and Void. An independent special Commission must be set up to evaluate this and eliminate the effects systematically, without disrupting the public order too much.

22. A major emphasis must be placed on providing jobs for everyone who is willing to work. This could be done setting up state agencies funded by all the assets seized and clawed back from the Federal reserve owners and BCC and IZCS Kingpins of the RCC organized crime system, which hijacked America and has been progressively asset-stripping We the People of all our wealth and property.

23. A whole new legal system must be mandated in each State, adequately staffed with enough public defenders and for trials to be held soon after the alleged crime or offenses. No more Unconstitutional offenses, all statutes must be completely vetted by independent legal experts.

24. A whole new system of public jobs must be substituted for the out-of-control multi-generational welfare system. Welfare must be provided only for those severely-handicapped or who need short-term help. A job should be provided for everyone else out of work and can consist of picking up trash on the highways, mowing public lawns, working as a file clerk, doing computer work at home with a government-provided computer.

25. Marijuana and other drugs (not all) must be legalized, but controlled like alcohol with mandatory education about the real facts and risks taught in the public schools. Many thousands of Non-violent drug prisoners must be released as long as they complete a short drug education program. Addictions must be treated like Alcohol Addiction and viewed as a disease. The existing cartels in Mexico, Central and South America must be given a short time to surrender or be attacked by the US Military. This means the US Military will be attacking part of the CIA (the Bush faction, aka the BCC) if these cartels do not surrender. The southern US border, as well as all other US borders, must be completely sealed and an equitable policy for illegals must be created and implemented. Any illegals with a criminal history must be immediately deported.

26. All Constitutional Civil Rights must be restored, and the Bill of Rights must be followed to a “T”. This means the illegal, Unconstitutional Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and the NDAA and all like them must be immediately declared Null and Void. All black prison sites in foreign countries, including the mysterious black prison ships used to torture and then murder those kidnapped must be shut down, and the Guantanamo base must be shut down too. No more illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars of aggression and acquisition for the secret Shadow Government or Israel or the Banksters or the defense Contractors. All Defense contractors who want to continue must be transformed into automotive, truck manufacturers or some other Industry that benefits America. Only a few select defense contractors will be allowed to continue, and they must be licensed and approved and located inside America.

27. All so-called Free Trade treaties are cancelled, considered UnConstitutional, Illegal and null and void, and Fair Trade with adjusted tariffs that favor America producers that manufacture inside America and sell to Americans must be implemented.

28. All GMO foods must be labeled, and special independent commissions set up to examine and regulate Big Pharma and Monsanto-type companies. Only One-year licenses to be granted, if conditions serving the public needs are met and no abuse or danger to the public created. All vaccine research must be seized and published publicly and completely re-examined for soft-kill eugenics, and if found to be dangerous, completely eliminated. No more suicide seeds allowed. All the secret big pharma files going back to Nazi Germany must be opened and examined and made public, except for the recent trade secrets regarding current pending patent applications.

29. All secret records of so-called Chemtrail spraying (aerosol spraying into the atmosphere) must be seized and published for the public to evaluate. A special commission must be set up to evaluate these poisonings of the public and the plants, trees and soil. If related to any secret Space war matters, the public must be fully informed of all the facts. No more secrecy of anything except launch codes and banking algorithms or security codes. The RCC has used Secrecy as a buffer and cover to protect itself from any accountability or prosecution for its ongoing RICO activities.

30. All public Universities must become dedicated to truth and exposing corruption. There must be a mandatory curriculum consisting of the following subjects, taught in multiple class with majors: USG organized crime, crimes and corruption in the US Congress, Supreme Court and the Administration; the abuse of national security and secrecy to serve as a false cloak to protect from criminal acts; abuse and criminal behaviors of Intelligence agencies including the Mossad; the history of WZ/Israeli foreign espionage fronts inside America, such as AIPAC, the ADL, JDL, Bnai Brith and the like; how phony FIAT money is manufactured and distributed and the history of the crooked, fraudulent Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and its collection agency the IRS, which has been incorporated in Puerto Rico; all the secret files related to major bribery of Congress, including seized NSA phone taps and relevant documents as well as FINCEN records; the complete history of the Italian Cosa Nostra, the kosher Nostra/Red Mafiya; the history of USG/American Intel illegal narcotics and arms trafficking and how they started the Cartels; actual facts about the Secret Space War, free energy, anti-gravity and Alien ETs, just for starters. No more forbidden knowledge, as has been the usual practice for all major Universities, especially the Ivy league ones.

These suggested changes are just for starters. Each reader can come up with their own ideas. If everyone works together to build up America and take care of each other, America’s prosperity and greatness can be quickly restored with good job opportunities for everyone. Can you imagine how many terrific changes can be conceived and implemented if everyone including children and youth works together to come up with ideas how to make America prosperous for everyone?


Unless Americans wake up and take back their nation from the RCC and the Israeli hijackers, Homeland Security (DHS) — the private Israeli Occupation army — will be used to lock down Americans, tyrannize them, terrorize them, finish asset-stripping all their property and wealth, intern them in over 750 FEMA camps, and then begin their long-planned systematic mass-murder of We the People.

It is a basic necessity for DHS to define all dissidents, all those who are anti-war, all “Truthers” and all Americans who support the US Constitution as “Enemies of the State” as in Their State, not ours and that is what they have been doing. This criminal conspiracy to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest prison camp and death camp, must be completely exposed for what it is — foreign espionage against America, resulting from the infiltration of Israeli espionage units into America, empowered by the World Zionist Rothschild City of London Banksters and their stateside franchise at the federal reserve System and the large Wall Street Banks.

Addendum: Know your enemy within the gates, know who and what you are fighting.

If you dig deep enough you will likely discover that the root of the evil that has “infected” the “Bloodline Families” is Luciferianism aka Babylonian Talmudism which is based on the black arts aka Babylonian Black-magick. Some who have studied the origins of this deeply trace it back to the Bloodline of Cain or the Kenites as its origin. It is important to note that this “infection” of Babylonian Talmudism, whatever it is based on expresses itself as a secret “Tribal” hatred of mankind in general and a mass subconscious desire to destroy existing society. The basic rule of these Bloodline folks (and they are a very small proportion of the World’s population) is just the opposite of the Golden Rule. It is “Do what thou Wilt and “screw everybody else”, and secretly infiltrate all levels of society and use all tribal connections and power to extend the Tribe’s power and cover it up. Note that not all Luciferians that are part of this “ruling Crime cabal” are Judiacs or impersonating that they are.

Many are just from these twelve Luciferian Bloodlines. Remember their basic tribal desire is to capture the earth by use of secrecy, stealth, selfishness, and use of unbridled evil to blackmail, coerce and murder to get their way. They specialize in various methods of sophisticated mind-kontrol, destruction of the family, basic morality, and basic character. They use flesh-peddling, promote smut and pornography and “stoke the flesh for profit and power, always demanding their basic human and Constitutional Rights while they violate everyone’s else. They also accept new recruits and allow them to enter through satanic cults and Luciferian circles but these folks must sell out to Lucifer completely and this is evidenced by willingness to participate in human blood sacrifices and ritual murders, of young children.

Basically their group theme is to destroy society and mass-murder all of mankind, a truly inhuman base instance that is against nature, thus qualifying for the classification of as a plague or virus upon mankind. They can easily rise to power because they have no limits or basic morality as to what they are willing to do and will murder with no remorse, lie, steal cheat, pedophile young children, murder them and eat their hearts. By any ordinary definition this is Pure Evil. And that is why their exposure for that they have historically done in secret will be their Waterloo. They need and crave secrecy because they know exposure will bring the pitchforks.




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