Jewish Lobby ”10”: Put on trial American officials loyal to I$raHell for treason


US officials who are loyal to Israel should be put on trial for treason by the American people – Mike Harris


Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason: Expert

“It’s time for the United States people to rise up and purge these Israeli loyalists out of our government and put them on trial for treason because they’re betraying their oath of office, they’re betraying their oath to the constitution and it’s time to eliminate them from our presence and have an independent US free of Israeli and Zionist control,” said Mike Harris, an editor at Veterans Today.

“We have a very large number of people serving both in our Congress as well as bureaucrats within the government, who are more loyal to Israel than they are to the interest of the US,” he added.

American officials “take their orders from Tel Aviv; they have no loyalty to the American people, they have no loyalty to the American military and it’s their goal to have the US fight wars to the benefit of Israel at the expense of our treasure and lives of our young men and women in order to advance Israel’s goals,” Harris said.

The US government has long been “corrupted and infiltrated” by Israeli agents and US officials loyal to the Zionists, he said.

“The United States has been corrupted and been infiltrated by a foreign intelligence agency and by foreign interest,” he told Press TV on Monday.

Harris believes US President Barack Obama is “not necessarily eager” to use the excuse of ISIL to carry out strikes inside Syria but he is under pressure to do so from pro-Israeli elements in the country.

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