“Jewish Ethnic Networking” Lies behind Jewish Supremacist Power


By Professor Kevin MacDonald.
Jewish ethnic networking is a critical source of Jewish power, ranging from the worlds of art, literature and the media discussed here to the rise of the undistinguished Elena Kagan to Supreme Court justice (fueled by Larry Summers who rescued her from her status as an  unemployed academic with a non-existent publication record to Dean of the Harvard Law School), to business networks, and the intellectual world.
Where would Freud have been without his legion of Jewish backers within the psychoanalytic movement and in the media?
Jewish ethnic networking is the subtext not only of the sacrosanct position of Israel in the US media. It is also the subtext of the rise to dominance of the culture of critique and all that that entails in terms of multiculturalism and non-White immigration.
We all accept a certain amount of ethnic networking as normal and natural—Jews are simply better at it than most.
The problem comes when this ethnic networking creates an elite that is hostile to the traditional people and culture of the West or results in loyalty to Israel as the Jewish ethnostate at the expense of the best interests of the United States or other Western countries. Such an elite has no legitimacy, moral or otherwise.
Jewish media ownership and control is a major arena for Jewish ethnic networking, especially noticeable at high-prestige, influential publications such as The New Yorker.
As a result, Jewish writers are promoted not as Israeli writers, but as part of the Western literary canon. Soon to be featured in college courses and made into movies.

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