Jerusalem .. The Nazi occupation forces arrest a young man from the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem: The Nazi Occupation Forces arrested a young man, from occupied Jerusalem, today, Monday.

Aya Abu Nab, a young woman, reported that the occupation police stormed at the dawn of her uncle Ahmed Abu Nab’s house in the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood of Silwan.

She added that the forces handcuffed, arrested, and taken her cousin Mohamed to investigate one of its centers in the Nazi occupied city.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation forces have arrested more than 1,300 Palestinians, including children and women, since the beginning of this year.

The Nazi occupation authorities are holding about 5,000 prisoners in their prisons, among them 41 female prisoners and 180 children under the age of 18. 

The Nazi occupation arrests five Palestinians in the south of the occupied West Bank


The Nazi occupation forces arrested five Palestinians after they destroyed their homes in the south of the occupied West Bank.

The Al-Asir Club said that four Palestinians were arrested from the town of Deir Samet in Hebron, namely: Issa Muhammad Jabara Al-Hroub, Bashir Salama Abdel-Wahhab Al-Hroub, Muhammad Dawoud Abdel-Wahhab Al-Hroub, and Mohammed Wael Hassan Al-Hroub, all in their twenties. 

In a statement, he added that the occupation forces severely beat Yusef Al-Hroub, who is the brother of the detainee Issa Al-Hroub.  

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested the former captive, Musa Muhammad al-Amor (22 years), from the town of Tuqu ‘in Bethlehem.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces have arrested more than 1,300 Palestinians, including children and women, since the beginning of this year.

And the occupation authorities hold about 5,000 prisoners in their prisons, among them 41 female prisoners and 180 children under the age of 18. 

The daughter of the captive Alaa Al-Bazian: “I want to go out of prison because I will enlighten your eyes”

“I want to leave you prison, O Papa, so I can send your eyes to you,” says the child, Intisar Al-Bazian, to her captive father Alaa, whom the occupation has deprived of his lap and lived with, for more than 6 years.

The Nazi occupation arrested the captive Alaa Al-Bazian, from occupied Jerusalem, during the campaign he launched against the editors of the “Wafaa Al-Ahrar” deal, in 2014, and restored him to his previous sentence of life imprisonment.

Al-Bazian suffers from an injury he sustained before his first arrest in 1979, after an explosive device went off, to lose his sight and to kill his companion, and the Nazi occupation forces arrested Alaa while he was embroidered with shrapnel in the face and all over his body.

His wife, Quds Al-Akhbariya, says: Alaa suffers from difficult health conditions, due to the harsh conditions imposed by the occupation on the prisoners, especially with the shrapnel that remains in his body, and is aggravated by the severe heat and cold conditions in the Negev prison, where he is currently being held.

“The first arrest of Alaa was in 1979, then he was released after two years, and he was re-arrested in 1981, then he was liberated from the occupation prisons in 1985, before he was arrested for the third time for 27 years, until he was released in the fulfillment of the free deal in 2011,” his wife added.

And she recounts that after his liberation in 2011, Alaa was eager for life like any prisoner who had spent many years of deprivation and oppression in the occupation prisons, and after their marriage he told her that he now wants to live life after all the suffering that he has suffered.

After his marriage to Alaa, Rizk survived with his daughter “Intisar”, who had lived with her father for only a year and 4 months, and after his re-arrest in 2014, his second child, “Manar”, was born and she saw the light without her father’s presence.

Alaa’s wife says: “Intissar is closely related to her father, because she lived with her, and she always tells him that she is waiting for him to be released from prison, so that she can play with him, hold his hand and walk with him on the streets of Jerusalem.”

Alaa’s parents died just a year before his release in the “Wafaa Al-Ahrar” deal, and upon his arrival in Jerusalem, he went to visit their grave, and he said to them: “Today I was released, but I have been deprived of seeing you being in my reception.”

“All we wish for Alaa to return to his family and live with his two children, is that he is now in prison, without any charge or issue, except that the occupation wants revenge against the freed prisoners,” says his wife.

Jerusalem .. Occupation requires director of a volunteer group for hope to investigate


: The occupation intelligence summoned today, Wednesday, the director of a volunteer group for hope for investigation at the “Al-Maskubiya” center west of Jerusalem.

The Society’s director, Salvia Abu Laban, told “ Quds News ” that the occupation intelligence summoned her to investigate her in “4” rooms at the Al-Maskubiya Center this afternoon.

She added that she does not know the background of the arrest, but expects that the reason will be the activities and activities of the association in light of the Corona crisis.

She explained that this is the fourth summonsing of her, as the occupation intelligence does not stop the investigations, summonses and prosecutions that followed the background of her work in the association.

It is noteworthy that the Volunteer Association for Hope is a non-governmental charity headquartered in the city of Jerusalem, where it provides many diverse services for the youth and children of the city’s children, women, people with special needs and hidden families.

Photos After her son was martyred, Nazi Gestapo brought her “to summon her subjugation”.


A few hours after the death of Ibrahim Ibrahim Halasah, this morning, Wednesday, the Nazi forces stormed his family’s house, and took his mother to arrest.

The martyr Helsa rose, in the morning, after carrying out a double operation “run over and stabbed”, at the “Container” checkpoint in the town of As Sawahrah, southeast of occupied Jerusalem. The Nazi occupation forces fired bullets at him until his death.

A number of Nazi soldiers raided with their weapons the martyr of Hilsa, which is a few meters away from the barrier where the operation took place, and the effects of sound and gas bombs still rained as the Nazi occupation authorities rained the house and its surroundings, and fell on the heads of his family and relatives.

The Nazi occupation summoned Ibrahim’s mother to the place, while she was dressed in clothes and prayer sets, carrying shock and dismay, to the last place where her son visited him and put his mark forever. 

She was interrogated before she was released and returned to the house. She sits around not absorbing the shock, while his father did not believe the news yet, despite his blood on the witness at the checkpoint.

The family of the martyr Halasa confirms that “Ibrahim” confronted his enemy, after they confiscated the land of his ancestors, and erected a military barrier on it, because the origin is already not in response, without paying attention to the occupation’s attempt to distort his act.

Nazi Gestapo at work

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